10 Nana Patekar Dance Songs – Shake A Leg Like Nana

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Yes, you read it right. Nana Patekar dance songs. He is associated with films that have a message, serious acting skills, erratic behavior on sets and simplicity in real life. These are the things that are synonymous with the name Nana Patekar. Seldom do we talk about his dancing skills and yet there are many songs where the actor has managed to shake a leg and make everyone happy with his moves. He is not a good dancer, not at all, but the way he carries himself throughout the song just makes you forget that fact and you end up enjoying the song fully.

Here are ten songs that in which this amazingly talented actor shows off his dance moves.

1. Love Rap – Krantiveer (1994)
Here we see Nana along with the yesteryear dancing sensation Bindu and they both set the stage on fire! There are other actors like Atul Agnihotri and Mamta Kulkarni but Nana grabs all the eyeballs although he joins the dance quite late.

2. Ghapla Hai – Hu Tu Tu (1999)
This Gulzar movie saw Nana playing the character of Bhau, a poet, who raises his voice against corruption and all things bad. This song is one of Bhau’s poetry in action where he tells that the country is fully corrupted right from the flour that we use to cook to the shoes that we wear.

3. Pi le pi le o more raja – Tiranga (1993)
In this song we see Patekar, a hot-headed honest police officer, along with Raj Kumar. They are drunk and enjoying themselves. Look at the way Nana says “jaani” which is a patent dialogue of Raj Kumar.

4. Kadak Lakshmi – Yeshwant (1997)
Nana Patekar is seen once again as an inspector in this film. Here, in this song he is under cover of a street dancer (called in to entertain at a big hotel) of Maharashtra performing a forgotten dance form. He portrays the character so well that we wonder if he has been doing it since a long time or what. He dances to the beats and whips his back just like a Kadak Lakshmi worshipper does.

5. Meter Down – Taxi No 9211 (2006)
This was a promotional song for the movie in which we see John Abraham and Sameera Reddy along with Nana Patekar in different avatars. In some shots he plays a patch-eyed saxophone player and sometimes he is seen as a suave singer. Patekar plays a taxi driver in this movie.

6. Kya Cheez Hai Ladki – Hum Dono (1995)
Also featuring the charming Rishi Kapoor, this song sees Nana advising boys to stay away from girls while Rishi is of a contrary opinion. Patekar shows off his Maharashtrian dancing steps on dholki and with lejhim.

7. Hoth Rasiley– Welcome (2007)
Nana plays the character of Uday the don who has a dream to become an actor. In this song he is seen along with Anil Kapoor (his bro) enjoying shaking a leg with the sexy Malaika Arora in a dance club.

8. Meet Me Daily Baby – Welcome Back (2015)
The sequel to the movie Welcome, this movie takes the character of Uday to another level where he wants to marry a beautiful princess. But poor Uday here too is cheated.

The age gap between the heroine and Nana Patekar is huge, but his dance doesn’t seem so at all. It also features Anil Kapoor and Ankita Shrivastav.

9. Title Song – Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992)
Nana Patekar plays the character of Jai, a street performer who dresses up n western clothes but plays a dafli. Here, the entire chawl is celebrating the success of Raju (Shah Rukh Khan) who has got a job in a good company.

Check out his Bhagwan Dada-like steps.

10. Huiyya Ho – Khamoshi The Musical (1996)
Who can forget his performance as a deaf-mute guy! The kind of dedication he gave to this movie was beyond imagination and kudos to the director for bringing out the best out of everyone in this movie.

The movie starts with this song. The deaf couple (Nana and Seema Biswas) feel the vibrations of the song and understand the beat and look at them just let go and dance!

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