10 Red Hot Songs of Mumtaz which you can never forget

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Mumtaz was one actress who could literally set the screen on fire with her presence. We don’t want you to trust our words. Just watch these songs for next 30 mins.


Mumtaz with this melodious song from Sawan Ki Ghata


This song was a rage in those days and it still is. This movie made her a star.


Mumtaz with Rajesh Khanna always created magic.


And when you add Gajra and Kajra also, it sends temperatures up north.



Who else can understand the “adaayein” better than Mumtaz.


A song which has been remixed so many times but nothing beats the original.


She played a very different role in this movie and also won Filmfare Award for best actress.


You should have lived in those days to understand the impact of this song.


Some romantic moments with Shashi Kapoor


We have to agree with Manoj Kumar, this chaal could bend plants and trees.


And we agree with Dev Anand that she was the best “kaanchi” ever


So you are the mathematical types who figured out that we gave you eleven songs instead of the promised ten. Look we are also humans and forget things when we watch Mumtaz.

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  1. SUMIT

    July 31, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    isme kafhi gaane nahi hai MUMTAZ ji ke jaise 1 . Aaj-kal tere -mere pyar ke charche 2. yeh reshmi jhulfe ,,,,,,,3. chal chale ae dil kare kishi ka intzaar ,4. yeh hai reshmi jhulfon ka andhera ,,,,,,,,,5.

  2. Pikeman

    April 2, 2017 at 6:06 am

    These songs were a hit because of the beautiful lyrics that were connected to the culture of the land. It is the lyricist who lays the foundation for a great song. Having said that, there is no denying the fact that the music director, the singer and the actor can contribute immensely towards the development of the project. In this case, Mumtaz was truly a great actress and a great dancer too. My favourite number is SANAM TU BEWAFA KE NAAM SE MASHOOR HO JAI. Only if someone could air brush the silly antics of Shatrughan Sinha out of the video.

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