7 Classic Songs Which Had Solo Music by Kalyanji

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Mann dole mera tan dole from Nagin (1954) became famous for its typical been music. Though the music of this film was given by Hemant Kumar, this particular music piece was created by Kalyanji Virji Shah, the then assistant to Hemant Kumar, along with Ravi. The music was first done on a piano by Lucila Pacheco, a pianist from Goa. It was then improvised in the been form on a claviolin by Kalyanji.

Kalyanji could play many instruments proficiently and set up an orchestra group called ‘Kalyanji Virji & Party’, which earned name in the neighbourhood area. Shortly, he became an assistant to Hemant Kumar and got recognition with this particular been music. He got an independent break as a music director for Samrat Chandragupta (1958). The songs of this film became quite popular and Kalyanji further gave music to some more films before he was joined by his younger brother Anandji. Together, they had flair of changing monotonous lyrics into catchy numbers.

Given below are a few songs which were done under the music direction of Kalyanji, before he was joined by his brother.

1. Samrat Chandragupta – The duet by Lata & Rafi is still known for its sweetness.

2. Post Box 999 – This beautiful duet rendered by Lata & Hemant Kumar picturised on a very young Sunil Dutt & beautiful Shakila is quite popular even after 5 decades.

3. Bedard Zamana Kya Jaane – This song crooned by Lata Mangeshkar has an everlasting effect.

4. Ghar Ghar ki Baat – Rendered by sweet voices of Geeta Dutt and Sudha Malhotra, the song is one of a kind!!

5. O Tera Kya Kehna – Written by Gulshan Bawra, the song has modern use of lyrics and a music to suit for. Geeta Dutt at her teasing best.

6. Chandrasena – The song rendered by Lata Mangeshkar, is the debut of Gulshan Bawra as a lyricist.

7. Nagin – The been music which introduced us to a marvellous music director called Kalyanji Virji Shah.

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