9 Songs Rendered By Different Voices For Dilip Kumar

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One of the legendary actors of Hindi cinema, Dilip Kumar, noted for his good looks, deep voice, and fine accent. With sensitive face and expressive eyes. He emerged with enthralling performances with determination, hard work and method acting. Playing a series of forlorn and doomed characters, acquiring the tragic aura and gaining the title King of Tragedy. Appearing in some of the most dramatic and glorious films he became a very successful and popular star of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. He certainly is a spearhead when it comes to acting. He has effectively popularised the tragedy genre in Hindi cinema during his illustrious career. A role model for some great actors, he set the foundation and illustrated intense sorrow on the Hindi screen.

Dilip Kumar with a career of almost 6 decades and 57 films has given numerous well known songs. There are very few songs of his which you will hardly dislike. Like Nutan, it is Dilip Kumar who knows the art of lip syncing. Be it any type of a song or by any playback singer for that matter, no one can beat him when it comes to lip syncing. Through his entire career he has got various singers, known unknown, who have lined up some great songs for him. His acting skills were such that it did not keep him restricted to a particular singer or a particular genre of song (even if he’s crowned as the tragedy king). Though there were a few singers which really suited his personality, it did not hamper his career when he was given some other singer’s voice.
Here’s highlighting some of his songs rendered by different singers from different era through his entire career. The songs which show us what material thespians are made of!!!

1. G M DurraniGhar Ki Izzat (1948) – Picturised on Dilip Kumar and Mumtaz Shanti, the song has G M Durrani and Shamshad Begum voicing the romantic duet.

2. Talat MahmoodArzoo (1950) – Doomed in love situation in films and the pathos in Talat Mahmood’s voice enhanced Dilip Kumar’s position as the tragedy king. He almost became the thespian’s voice of 50s.

3. MukeshYahudi (1958) – Just as Talat Mahmood was becoming his voice, along came Mukesh as Dilip Kumar’s voice and giving several great hits. This combination which began in late 40s, continued for more than a decade, generating some cult songs such as this from Yahudi!!

4. Mohammed RafiAan (1952) – While Mukesh’s songs were going steady with Dilip Kumar’s image, he became the voice of another honcho in the field, Raj Kapoor. But then there was another war horse making waves in the industry at the same time, Mohammed Rafi. Dilip – Rafi combination have given us myriad of very lovable songs. Songs from Aan happen to top the list, where Dilip Kumar looks a dapper.

5. C. RamchandraAzaad (1955) – C. Ramchandra was as flawless singer as he was a flawless music director. He gave playback to some top actors of times including the thespian. Check out this duet with Lata Mangeshkar and experience some great singing and amazing lip syncing.

6. Mahendra KapoorGopi (1970) – Rafi continued to be the voice of Dilip Kumar throughout late 50s and the entire 60s. From the beginning of 70s, it was Mahendra Kapoor who gave Dilip Kumar his voice, while Rafi also continued to do so in parallel. And just have a look at Dilip Kumar’s lip syncing, its absolutely amazing!!

7. Kishore KumarSagina (1974) – Along came Kishore Kumar to lend his voice to the thespian under the baton of S D Burman. While Sala Main Toh Sahab Ban Gaya topped the charts, Dilip Kumar’s lip syncing is the highlight of this other song from the same film.

8. AnwarVidhata (1982) – Dilip Kumar blended himself in character roles from early 80s (Bairag being his last film as the lead actor). Vidhata (1982) set in a trend of his image as the character actor. Watch this underrated song picturised on him with Shammi Kapoor and Anwar and Suresh Wadkar giving them the playback respectively.

9. Mohammed AzizKarma (1986) – After Vidhata, Subhash Ghai made another blockbuster with Dilip Kumar, Karma (1986). It churned out some top of the chart songs where Mohammed Aziz lent his voice to Dilip Kumar.

In addition to the above songs there are few more which were picturised on him towards the end of his career. Have a glance at those songs rendered by none other than Amit Kumar & a lesser known singer Hridaynath Merchant!!

Amit KumarQila (1998) – The last film of the thespian, where he starred opposite Rekha.

Hridaynath MerchantQila (1998) – Another song from the same film, rendered by Hridaynath Merchant, music directed by Anand Raj Anand.

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