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Aabhas Haa – The Illusion Of Love – Yanda Kartavya Aahe

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Theirs was an arranged marriage fixed by the parents. They met each other through common contacts and within few meetings decided to spend the rest of their lives together. This is the story of Rahul and Swati.

The song is from the Marathi movie Yanda Kartavya Aahe (2006). The music is composed by Nilesh Mohrir while the lyrics are by Ashwini Shende. It is sung by Rahul Vaidya and Vaishali Samant.

Rahul (Ankush Choudhary) and Swati (Smita Shewale) get married and go on their honeymoon. This is the first time that they actually get time to know things about each other. The likes, dislikes and habits are seen closely; even the first argument happens there itself. Frustrated, Rahul leaves the room and goes for a stroll to calm down.

Spending time away from each other actually works for them for some time but both end up thinking about each other. Then starts the game of imagination and illusion!

Kadhi dur dur, Kadhi tu samor,
Maan haravate aaj ka
Ka he kase, Hote ase,
Hi aas lage jiva
Kasa savaru mi, Aavaru ga mi swatah
Dise swapn ka he jagatana hi mala
Abhas ha, Abhas ha
Chalato tula, Chalato mala

He says that I’m away from you, yet I can see you everywhere I look. What has happened to me? I have lost my mind completely. Now you tell me how to control my mind from wandering as I dream of you even when I’m awake. Oh this illusion of love! It is a sweet torture for me and you.

Kshanat saare udhan ware,
Jhuluk houn jaati
Kadhi dur tuhi, Kadhi jawal wate,
Pan kahich nahi hati

The gush of wind suddenly becomes a soft breeze whenever I think of you. Similarly I see you in front of me and in another second you are gone and I keep searching you everywhere.

Mi ashich hasate, Ugich lajate,
Punha tula athawate
Mag mitun dole tula pahate,
Tujhyach sathi sajate

To this she says that she looks in the mirror and smiles without reason and that smile makes her blush. Then she thinks of him and closes her eyes and sees him clearly. All her actions are done just for him. She even dresses up for him.

Tu nasatana asalyacha khel ha
Dise swapn ka he jagatana hi mala
Abhas ha, Abhas ha
Chalato tula, Chalato mala

This is nothing but illusion that I see you even if you are not around. And this illusion of love is troubling both of us as we are dreaming even when we are awake.

Manat majhya hajar shanka,
Tula mi janu kasa re
Tu asach ahes, tasach nahis,
Ahes khara kasa re

Now that she has met him in her dreams, she wonders how to know him in person. She is now confused if he is actually like she imagines or altogether different from her fantasy.

Tu ithech basna, haluch hasna,
Ashich havi mala tu
Pan mahit nahi malahi ajuni
Tashich ahes ka tu?

He on the other hand tells her (while still dreaming) how he wants her to be. He wants her to sit with him and spend time with him. He wants her to smile and enjoy her life with him; but he too wonders if she is really like that.

Nave rang sare, navi wate hi hava
Dise swapn ka he jagatana hi mala
Abhas ha, Abhas ha
Chalato tula, Chalato mala

This feeling of togetherness is something new to both of them. This colour of love is something that they both have not seen before. The air too seems new in each others’ company. Oh this illusion of love is troubling them both. This sweet illusion of love!

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