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Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche – Brahmachari – Talk Of The Town

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Gossip gossip gossip and some more gossip. A part of communication which is so popular with the people. To keep a watch on people’s actions, judging them simply by sitting in your place, jumping to conclusions is the beginning of gossips. Nowadays due to various social networks it has become easier for all the gossip mongers. Gossiping adds spice and variety to their life. These people are always interested in what others are doing in life instead of concentrating on their own lives. With more like minded people they spread the stories with their own added version for some chills and thrills. Gossip is an unrestricted and almost derogatory conversation about people around you. It is the betrayal of confidence, spreading of sensitive issues about the person and also involve hurtful judgements. It sometimes is done by the person whom you feel is the most closer to you, your 2am friend or your confidante.
Gossips are usually slightly detached from reality. Exciting and not true like fiction. It keeps one entertained. But those who gossip often forget that the one who gossips with you, will gossip of you. Love affairs have the highest rate of being at the centre of the gossip. If we have a girl and a boy talking casually for more than usual, we have the eyebrows raised and tongues wagging. Something similar to the situation in Brahmachari (1968).
Brahmachari (Shammi Kapoor) is a photographer who also sings at a nightclub to make his ends meet. He runs an orphanage for children and is always in need of finances. He saves Sheetal (Rajshree) from committing suicide and brings her to the orphanage. He further learns that Sheetal is engaged to Ravi (Pran) who has refused to marry her. Brahmachari promises Sheetal to find all the details about Ravi for her. Thus he reaches Ravi’s birthday party disguised as a waiter initially, only to find that Ravi is a womanizer and his present love interest is the gorgeous Roopa (Mumtaz). Ravi drives out the weird waiter (Shammi Kapoor) after a funny scene and in comes the club singer (again Shammi Kapoor). Ravi offers him to sing with Roopa. Little do they know that their mere, simple singing together at a birthday party will have people judging them to the extent of ruining their lives. Yet the song is all about the couple in love being the talk of the town (when they are actually not a couple). An out an out bonanza for Shammi Kapoor lovers (he won the Filmfare Award), the music by Shankar Jaikishen was its highlight (as the other SJ films). Brahmachari is another completely musical album by the duo. It has song for every mood. From children’s song to lullaby, from romantic to philosophical, from dance numbers to pathos. A power packed bonanza!! The music is ably supported by a mixed bag of 3 top lyricists. Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri and Rajendra Krishna.
Hasrat Jaipuri, the king of romance never lets us down when it comes to the romantic tell tales. His lyrics just blaze when they are teamed up with SJ music. He had the ability to make routine things into most romantic songs. Example – gossip. Who can think of gossips and romance? But his lyrics do that magic.
When it comes to a dance number Shammi Kapoor needs no introduction. According to P L Raj (Choreographer in most of Shammi Kapoor films), Shammi Kapoor never learned steps. He just had to be told to reach from this point to that and the rest was taken care of by some spontaneous dancing by the nimble foot actor. For this dance number he’s been paired with the orange flame Mumtaz. She sizzles on the floor and how!! Their dance chemistry is mind blowing. It is catalysed by some savage looks by Pran. Their so called love is talk of the town but instead of being morose about it, they celebrate.

Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche har zabaan par
Sabko maloom hai aur sabko khabar ho gayi….

The electric guitar in the prelude along with the drums, accompanied with violins and accordion make it a perfect example of bossa nova. Rafi’s voice for Shammi Kapoor is unparalleled. It is as if Rafi knows where exactly Shammi Kapoor is going to twist or turn in the dance. The chemistry is fascinating!! Rafi is an amazing example of ease and perfection together. He is ably supported for the female voice by Suman Kalyanpur. Mumtaz is actually singing for Pran and Shammi Kapoor is on his own, in a dance abandon.
The saxophone in the interlude hints that there’s still more to come. And the guitar tingles again.

Humne toh pyar mein aisa kaam kar diya
Pyar ki raah mein apna naam kar diya
Pyar ki raah mein apna naam kar diya
Aajkal tere mere pyar….

At the interlude the saxophone goes all retro. Mumtaz in that 2 tier mermaid saree which shows off her perfect figure is in sync with the retro steps. All those twists, head shakes and wrist actions.

Do badan ek din ek jaan ho gaye
Manzilein ek hui humsafar ban gaye
Manzilein ek hui humsafar ban gaye
Aaj kal tere mere…

The accordion bellows furtively at the interlude. While the piano notes invite people to join in the lively atmosphere of this retro dance. And then the guitar again pops up.

Kyun bhala hum darey dil ke maalik hain hum
Har janam mein tujhe apna maanaa sanam
Har janam mein tujhe apna maanaa sanam
Aaj kal tere mere…..

The song is peppered with Acchha and Toh Kya all over and the exuberant Shammi carries them off so well. His face gestures are so mischievous, you fall in love with him. Mumtaz despite her very stylish saree is graceful. She charms her way with every step on the dance floor. Playing instruments on screen and the Kapoors are a pro. Observe Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor or later Rishi Kapoor playing an instrument on screen. They act/play as if they been doing it all their life. In this song too Shammi Kapoor is seen playing accordion, saxophone and piano. And he looks natural with all the three.

People always believe the bad things said about others. No matter what they do or say in those gossips, not doubting your worth is the correct way. Let people misunderstand you, let them judge you, stay committed to yourself. Only you know the beauty of your truth. Shine like the exuberant Shammi Kapoor and sizzle like the very graceful and beautiful Mumtaz. Just dazzle your way through the talk of the town!!


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