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Ab Mujhe Raat Din – Madly In Love – Deewana

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The soft piano notes blending with the saxophone and Sonu Nigam’s voice and you can smell the romance in the air. We are talking about the romantic song from the singer’s album Deewana which was released in 1999.

The singer first just hums a few notes and then with a slight sigh that is lined with a mixture of despair and happiness he starts off the song.

Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hai
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hai
Kya kahoon pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hai
Deewano jaisa haal, hai tumhara hi khayal hai

The love-smitten boy is pouring his feelings in front of his lady saying that he has become so crazy about her that he thinks of her day and night.

Tum ko dekhe bina chain milta nahi
Dil pe ab toh ko zor chalta nahi
Jadu hai kaisa dil ki lagi mein
doob gaya hoon iss bekhudi mein

I become restless if I don’t see you even for a moment. You have captivated my heart and now there is no looking back. There is some magic in this game called love that it has submerged me into the deep abyss of madness.

Har pal dhoondhe nazar tum ko hi janeman
Hadd se badhne laga mera deewanapan
Dil mein basa loon apna bana loon
Ya phir nazar mein tumko chhupa loon

My eyes search the sight of you my darling. My love has reached this level of insanity that I only want to see you. What should I do now? Should I keep you in my heart and make it your home or should I just capture you and hide you in my eyes forever!

Music by Sajid-Wajid is simply amazing. They have kept the melody simple with Sonu doing his magic with his vocals. The use of piano, violin and guitar does not sound jarring at all. This song is definitely one of their good pieces of work. The use of a pause is done at the correct places and it does create that little drama which the song requires. Lyrics by Faaiz Anwar are not difficult to understand although they have many Urdu words.

Sonu Nigam has often been compared with Mohd Rafi. It would be a crime to write anything about it here, but then how can one not mention the very fact that at some places he does sound like him. For instance, just listen closely when he says ‘deewano jaisa haal hai.. tumhara hi khayal hai..’

The video shows a man longing for his love. He is sitting in the snow and thinking about her. So deep is his emotion that he actually imagines her everywhere. He, in a way, enjoys this thing a lot and is seen dancing his pain off.

The pair onscreen looks good; although the boy looks and acts better than the girl in some shots (barring the places where he is supposed to play an instrument) and the story is in line with the overall emotion of the song.

This song was quite a hit with the young generation at the time of its release. Every music channel played it n number of times long after the song was released. It was more to do with the music rather than the video.

So enjoy this song this winter with a cup of coffee and sit in front of the fire (or imagine that you are doing so) and get madly in love with love!

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