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An Unusual Combination Of Usri Banerjee And Aditi Singh Sharma In Sundari Komola

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‘Rangabati’ the folk song from the land of Odisha was recreated in the season 4 of Coke Studio India by the composer Ram Sampath. Looking back at the history of the composer in the platform of Coke Studio, Season 3 features an unusual combination of a rock band song and a Bengali folk song, all composed by Ram Sampath.

‘Souls On Parade’ from Ram Sampath’s rock band and only album Colorblind is reheard in the bold and powerful voice of Aditi Singh Sharma, an eminent singer in Bollywood. The rock song with English lyrics is fused with an old Bengali folk song ‘Sundari Komola’ crooned by Usri Banerjee, who made her debut with the song ‘Man Mauji’ in Gangs Of Wasseypur. ‘Souls On Parade’ is a song talking about life finding its way with the course of time which is contrasted with the folk song celebrating the occasion of marriage, where the bridegroom is asking everyone else to dance in the tune of ‘Dotara’with the beautiful bride.

Lyrics are not the only matter of contrast in the composition, but the earthly voice which is best suited for a folk song is contrasted with the enthusiastic and clear voice of Aditi Singh Sharma. The music is arranged with heavy orchestration along with the folksy tune of the ‘Dotara,’ an instrument frequently used in Bengali folk songs. To keep the essence of the folk and the demand of the folk song, dotara is played all through. The English lyrics are penned by Ram Sampath himself while the Bengali lyrics are retained from traditional song.

Coke Studio brings some interesting fusion which shouldn’t be given a miss; and Sundari Komola is a sheer example of it. An unusual  but an interesting composition yet again by Ram Sampath is worth spending time on.


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