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Aur Aahista Kijiye Baatein – Hush! Let Not The World Listen

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Aur aahista kijiye baatein, dhadkane koi sun raha hoga
Lafz girne na paaye honton se, waqt ke haath inko chun lenge
Kaan rakhte hain ye dar-o-deewaar, raaz ki saari baat sun lenge

Speak more softly, my dear; for someone might be even listening to your heartbeats
Hush! Don’t let the words drop from your mouth; the hands of time might pluck them away from us
Our secrets would be known to this entire world; beware, these walls have ears.

This Ghazal is by Pankaj Udhas released in the year 2006. It is composed and sung by Pankaj Udhas while the lyrics are penned by Zafar Gorakhpuri.

The song talks about the story of two lovers. The boy is not afraid to tell about his feelings freely. He doesn’t think about the world around him; but the girl is shy. She cautions her beau to speak even more softly when they are talking about their love for each other. She is afraid that people will come to know about their secret. She tells him that even the walls and the doors have ears and it won’t be long that everyone would come to know that they are in love.

Aise bolo ki dil ka afsana, dil sune aur nigaah doharaaye
Apne charo taraf ki ye duniya,saans ka shor bhi na sun paaye

Speak in such a way that only my heart will hear it and my eyes would reflect the same
Let the silence prevail between us; let not the world even hear the sound of your soft breath

The coy girl is afraid that while her lover narrates his feelings to her he might say it out loud. She sweetly tells him to tell his feelings in such a way that only the eyes reflect the meaning of the words and the heart will understand the language.

The song composition goes very well along with the lyrics. Nowhere will we find the use of unnecessary music pieces which would destroy the melody of the song. The piano, the flute and Udhas’s voice sound so soft and are in complete harmony with the theme of the song. The words literally float from the singer’s lips and directly enter our hearts and the only reaction that a listener can give is a soft sigh!

Aaj itne karib aa jaao , duriyon ka kahi nishaan na rahe
Aise ek dusre me gum ho jayen, faasla koi darmiyaan na rah jaye

Come so close to me today such that there is no distance which would separate us
Let us lose each other in this embrace of love and become one

She further tells him to be so close to her that they would be lost in each other. Then, there would be no distance which would separate them. In this way, they would need no words to describe their feelings as they would become one.

The video of the song shows the story of two lovers; an Indian girl and an Australian boy. They are neighbors who become friends and eventually fall in love with each other. The girl is passionate about dancing while the boy likes motorcycles. One day (maybe Valentine’s Day) they individually decide to surprise each other with gifts. Alas! They both are short of money. The girl cuts off her long tresses of hair and buys a helmet and a badge for the boy. On the other hand the boy sells off his bike to buy the lady a necklace and a saree.

When they give the gifts to each other they realize what they have done and end up laughing and crying simultaneously.

The video also features Pankaj Udhas who is actually telling us the story of these two lovers through the song.

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