Baba Mere – This Video about Kishore Kumar by His Son Will make You Cry and Smile at the Same Time

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There cannot be a more beautiful relationship than a parent and a child and there cannot be a more special moment than a son paying tribute to his father on his father’s birthday. It is 86th birthday of Kishore Kumar and his son Amit Kumar while paying tribute to his father has uploaded a special video on youtube.

This video is more momentous because the son plays an instrumental role to establish a thread between a grandfather and granddaughter. The video features Muktika Ganaguly, daughter of Amit Kumar whose wish to see her grandfather is manifested in a dream sequel. The video is nostalgic as it brings back those images of the crazy, different and mad actor and singer Kishore Kumar in front of the viewers, played by his son Amit Kumar. The video re establishes the greatness of a person like Kishore Kumar through the perspective of a granddaughter.

The video shows an effort of a father to introduce his daughter to her grandfather who is one of the most celebrated personalities in the Indian cinema, in an interesting ride to heaven. Donned as Kishore Kumar and dancing on the songs of the singer, Amit Kumar has touched the heart of those million people who still consider Kishore Kumar to be the greatest legend of  Bollywood.

Here is the video for only for you.



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