Babul Mora Naihar Chhooto (Street Singer)

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Song Info

Movie/Album: Street Singer

Release: 1938

Music Director: R.C.Boral

Lyrics Nawab Wajid Ali Shah

Singers: K.L.Saigal

Lyrics in Hindi

बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए
बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए

चार कहार मिल, मोरी डोलिया सजावें
मोरा अपना बेगाना छुटो जाए
बाबुल मोरा …

अंगना तो पर्बत भयो और देहरी भयी बिदेस
जे घर बाबुल अपना मैं चली पीया के देस
बाबुल मोरा …

बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए
बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए

Song Trivia

Although playback recording was very much in vogue at the time, K.L.Saigal convinced director Phani Majumdar that the song should be recorded live while it was being filmed. So Saigal sang on the streets with the entire orchestra playing as the song was being filmed for the movie.This song was recorded live with the camera and cup shaped single mike on the trolly and a couple of instrumentalists including tabla player walking along. There were several takes and they had a problem deciding which one to keep as each take was better than the other. Saigal improvised differently in each take.
This song was written by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah in 1857.He was exiled to Kolkata and was forced to leave his beloved Audh.This song was written when he was leaving for Kolkata.

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