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Bhar Do Jholi Meri – Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Bagful Of Blessings

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Once in a while God makes his presence felt in your life. Through some actions, through some person, through some gestures, through various messages. It depends on us to take those hints given by Him and make the most out of it. It might be during our time of crisis, it might be during the lowest phase of our life or it might also be the time when we nearly lose faith in Him. His love can appear out of nowhere and it depends entirely upon us to accept that love and bask in it. He is the doer of things in life. He is the string puller of the things around us, the things about us and the things within us. The doer of all that is happening. He is invisible but to feel his presence your conscious should be wakeful enough. Being wakeful towards His actions, His deeds. An example –
A night before the Matsya Vedh (piercing the fish’s eye) competition, Krishna and Arjuna are conversing.
Krishna – Arjuna, take care, put your step forward and concentrate on the eye of the fish in the reflection.
Arjuna – If I have to do everything then what will you do?
Krishna says in a very soft tone – What you can’t do, I’ll do.
Arjuna – And what is it that I can’t do?
Krishna answers – I will keep the water steady.

That’s what He actually does. And His sincerity towards you is amazing if you are really able to connect. Keeping faith and trusting yourself is like trusting Him. When His speaks through His actions you are benefitted in multiple folds.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015), directed by Kabir Khan, is one such story about a simple devotee of Hanuman. Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Salman Khan), a pure hearted human being, a devotee of Hanuman, is made fun of by the people since he’s not good at doing any work. But this pure hearted person is ready to help anyone and everyone who comes across. Till his helpfulness towards a small lost, mute girl from across the border lands him in an unwanted trouble. But trusting himself and his God, he makes it his mission to unite the girl with her parents not minding the fences across the 2 countries. Going across the border with the little girl on his shoulders, he finds himself helpless and broken at one point. Surrendering Himself to God, Pawan Kumar is unperturbed about visiting the Dargah!! He says even if he’s a staunch follower of Hanuman, he’ll pay his obeisance for the well being of the little girl at the Dargah. What follows is a beautiful qawwali about seeking His grace and blessings!! The original qawwali is by the famous Sabri brothers, while the film version has been recreated by music director Pritam, lyricist Kausar Munir and singer Adnan Sami who also lip syncs the qawwali on screen.

Tere darbar mein dil thaam ke wo aata hai
Jisko tu chahe hey Nabi tu bulata hai
Tere dar pe sar jhukaaye main bhi aaya hun
Jiski bigdi hey Nabi chaahe tu banata hai

Those who come to surrender before you, you yourself choose them to be there. I’ve come here today with all my heart and bowed head. And you have chosen me to be here, to hear my grievances, to help me in my difficult times, to be there with me.
It is that stage in your life, when you don’t know what is happening or where your life is leading you. Darkness is all that you can see and are lost in it. That moment you ask for his help. Surrender with full faith and love.

Bhar do jholi meri Ya Muhammad
Laut kar main na jaunga khaali

Asking him to fill your bag with blessings and not returning empty handed, because you know He won’t let that happen. He has blessings for everyone in stock. You only have to ask for it.

Band deedon mein bhar daale aansun
Sil diye maine dardon ko dil mein
Jab talak tu banaa de na bigdi
Dar se tere na jaaye sawaali

With my eyes closed, full of tears and my heart full of pain, I’m here. And I’m not going away, will question you about it, till you shower your blessings on me. The seeker in me asks for it.

Bhar do jholi….Aaka ji
Bhar do jholi….Hum sab ki
Bhar do jholi….Nabi ji
Bhar do jholi meri sarkaar-e-medina
Laut kar main na jaunga khaali

O Lord of Medina, please shower your grace on me and everyone who is here, asking for it for You are the Master.

Khojte khojte tujhko dekho
Kya se kya Ya Nabi ho gaya hun
Bekhabar darbadar fir raha hun
Main yahan se wahan ho gaya hun
De de Ya Nabi mere dil ko dilasa
Aaya hun duur se main hoke ruhasa
Ho…kar de karam Nabi, mujhpe zara sa
Jab talak tu panaah de na dil ki
Dar se tere na jaaye sawaali
Bhar do jholi meri tajdaar-e-Medina
Laut kar main na jaunga khaali

In search of you, I’ve come a long way. O Prophet, you can see that from my appearance. Without any inkling about what is happening around, I wander in this insensate, inert state. What I seek is just consolation of my heart. I’m so full of grief, please shower your benevolence on me, take me under your refuge, for I will not go away from here till then. Fill my bag with your blessings, O Crown bearer of Medina!!

Jaanta hai na tu kya hai dil mein mere
Bin sune gin raha hai na tu dhadkane
Aah nikli hai toh chaand tak jaayegi
Tere taaron se meri dua aayegi
Ae Nabi haan kabhi toh subah aayegi
Jab talak tu sunega na dil ki
Dar se tere na jaaye sawali

You already know what is there in my heart, you can count my heartbeats without even listening to them. When my sobs reach the moon, your stars will invoke those blessings for me. O Prophet, the morning shall certainly arrive. I won’t go away from your doorstep till you hear my heart out.
The seeking, the requesting now reaches the zenith. On the threshold of losing the patience, one prays that let that not happen.

Bhar do jholi meri Ya Muhammed
Laut kar main na jaunga khaali
De daras kha taras mujhpe Aaka
Ab laga le tu mujhko bhi dil se
Jab talak tu mila de na bichhdi
Dar se tere na jaaye sawali
Bhar do jholi….Aaka ji
Bhar do jholi….Hum sab ki
Bhar do jholi….Nabi ji
Bhar do jholi meri sarkaar-e-medina
Laut kar main na jaunga khaali
Dum Ali Ali dum Ali Ali…..

Grant my wishes, let me behold your sight, your vision. Have pity on this seeker, reunite the lost one with her loved ones. Till then I won’t leave your doorstep. Meaning – I won’t stop invoking you.
The coda of the song is beautifully decorated with Dum dum Ali Ali dum Ali Ali – My breath is for my Lord, my Prophet!!
For the real seekers it is sure to give you a trance like situation and you’ll want to go on those Sufi twirls just like the dervishes getting ecstatic with His name – Ali!!!
Everyone in this world comes with his/her good and bad fortune. While going through these, working hard and not forgetting His presence in your life is the best solution. Connecting and asking Him for help is our choice but He graces all with bagful of blessings!!

The original qawwali by Sabri brothers –

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