A Billion Hearts Beat For Kishore Kumar – Join The Kishore Karnival

Kishore Kumar is a legend who has entertained billions of music lovers across the world across generations. Can you believe it that he actually started his career in 1946 before we became independent as a country. He passed away in 1987 and still generations born after his death have grown up listening to his songs. Such is the impact of legends like him which transcends across time and space. Although Kishore Kumar has won hearts of millions of music lovers, he has not received any awards of national stature. His spirit and philosophy towards life was contagious. With a permanent smile on his face, he faced all the ups and downs in his life with equal charm and perfection. Thus making millions of fans at every step and every juncture of his life. His fans have always kept Kishore Kumar in their hearts. And that’s what exactly his fan club has come up with!! Endorsing the thoughts of billions of people in India and around the world, the fans of Kishore Kumar are on a mission to demand Bharat Ratna for him. A slogan which says –
Dil Mein Hai Kishore, Toh Roz Machao Shor

Mission Bharat Ratna For Kishore Kumar – which was started exactly a year ago, has reached a new height of passion and enthusiasm, as worldwide fans of this genius unite together in Kolkata for the demand of Bharat Ratna for Kishore Kumar. With the signature campaign in full swing the Resolution Team is busy collecting signatures from the supporters of this massive mission with the help of a van specially decorated for the event.

The event is managed by Resolution. The program which is called Chalte Chalte is a rally organised by Salkia Kishore Kumar Memorial Cultural Association group in association with Mission Bharat Ratna For Kishore Kumar. Whereupon all throughout the rally the fans will be singing songs, there will be various tableaus displayed, depicting different aspects and scenes from Kishore Kumar’s musical journey and his life. The grand rally called The Kishore Karnival, is in support of the demand of his fans – Bharat Ratna for Kishore Kumar. It is organised by SKKMCA in association with BRFKK.
The rally will be starting on 4th August 2017, which also the 88th Birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar, at 7:30 am from Dharmatala Metro Station, Kolkata and terminate at Salkia, thereby covering a distance of 7km. The rally will be followed by an entertainment program based on songs of Kishore Kumar.

Rally Route

His fans resonate the feeling that the person who spent 40 years of his life for the film industry with 8 filmfare awards, 102 films as an actor, more than 2000 thousand songs in various languages, 24 songs as a lyricist, 16 films as a composer, 12 films as a director and 14 films as a producer has remained devoid from recognition by the Indian Government. Some of his followers and fans from the industry have also been awarded various awards of National reputation. People are requested to join this rally, be present in huge amount thereby supporting in honouring this sheer genius and versatile actor.

The rally was announced by Mr. Subrata Sinha (Secretary, SKKMCA) on 15th July at a program of AmitoManiacs which is known as a dedicated team of singer Amit Kumar fans. A press conference was also organised in support of the rally whereby the Sports Minister and Former Indian Cricketer Mr. Laxmi Ratan Shukla had addressed the media, he himself being a Kishore Kumar fan. Mr. Subrata Sinha shared about the rally designing and Mr. Anirban Dutta spoke on behalf of the BRFKK team on the objective and inception of the rally. A few TV channels will be telecasting this event live.

As the lyrics from one of his songs say –

Chalte Chalte
Mere Yeh Geet Yaad Rakhna
Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna
Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna
Rote Hanste Bas Yunhi Tum
Gungunate Rahna
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Kishore Kumar is here to stay in our hearts forever. At the call of BRFKK team, come one, come all to support this rally and make the event a huge success. Join the Kishore Karnival on 4th August 2017 at 7:30 am, let the billion hearts beat in unison for the institution called Kishore Kumar.

A Billion Hearts Beat For Kishore Kumar – Join The Kishore Karnival
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