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Bucketful Of Innocence – Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai – Bambai Ka Babu

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Dekhne mein bhola hai dil ka salona
bambai se aayaa hai babu chinnanna

He’s innocent looking, just returned from Bombay, he has a heart to savour for (well salon in Hindi actually means salt and hence salona must be hinting towards savoury. Majrooh Sultanpuri might have meant this instead of just a pretty thing) and he is her brother!!!

A scintillating Asha number from Bambai Ka Babu (1960), made by none other than the stylish filmmaker Raj Khosla. It is the story about a criminal Babu (Dev Anand) who has committed a murder in self defense and is impersonating as the long-lost son of a rich household. The dazzlingly beautiful Maya (Suchitra Sen) is convinced that Babu is her brother and hence calls him Chinnanna!! Teasing him, matchmaking him with her friends around. You can hear those teasing notes in Asha’s voice. Sometimes soft, sometimes sweet. S.D. Burman has given a sparkling music to this number. A catchy tune on Punjabi tappa, which begins with a soothing flute. The tinkling of ghungroos can be heard throughout the background in the song. With the dholak beats and the chorus shouting Balle Ni Balle Balle give it a thorough Punjabi taste. But this song was inspired from a Telugu number Kallakapatam from the movie Rojulu Marayi. Coincidentally, this particular number was Waheeda Rehman’s debut on screen!!

Gali gali gaanv ki re jaagi hai sote sote
phir se laage hai aisa
hue hum chhote chhote
sang leke aaya hai mera bachpana

For her, the otherwise dull and monotonous village has become bright and alive with his presence. Recalling her childhood days, feeling nostalgic, wants to go back to her childhood days with him.

Niki Munni Noor Begum usse na banana ji
haseenon ka shehzada hai
hansi na udana ji
dil uda le jaayega chhodo bachpana

She is protective about her brother here. Asking her friends not to trick or deceive him. He’ll take away your heart in a jiffy and you won’t even know. Beware and don’t jest around with him.
Majrooh Sultanpuri toys around with the similar sounding words – Haseena/Hansi na

suno magar shehzade ji kahin bhool mat jaana
buri hain yah nainon waali
banaate hain deewana
gaanv hai ye pariyon ka dil ko bachana

For her, her brother is a prince yet she makes him aware about the girls around him. She asks him to take care of his heart since it is very likely that he’ll lose it to one of the beautiful girls around.

Dev Anand brightens up the screen with his mere presence. His romantic, lively face does the trick. He exudes that innocent charm of which the premier Bengal diva is going ga ga over. He scampers around delightfully with his expressive eyes flowing with bucketful of innocence!!!

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    very beautiful song x-ray. Will look for more from you.

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