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Buoyant Ballad – Masti Mein Chhed Ke Tarana – Haqeeqat

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Hindi Chini bhai bhai – China sermonized the slogan using it as a shield to attack India. The Sino – Indian war between India and China occurred in 1962. The cause of the war was a dispute over the sovereignty of the widely separated Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh border regions. The Sino-Indian War is notable for the harsh mountain conditions under which much of the battle took place, entailing large-scale combat at altitudes of over 14,000 feet, with many troops on both sides dying in the freezing cold. A small platoon of Indian soldiers in the hilly terrain of Ladakh who are considered dead but are rescued by Ladakhi tribesmen and by Capt. Bahadur Singh and Chetan Anand brings out the ‘reality’ on big screen via Haqeeqat (1964), with Dharmendra playing Capt. Bahadur Singh. Considered as one of the best Indian war films, Haqeeqat is a bevy of actors, veterans and newcomers, some in miniscule roles. A genuine war movie, it is a painful saga of retreat. Being outnumbered by the Chinese troops, this saga concludes with the platoon reaching its base after losing many of its members during the retreat. The movie is a take on the Battle of Rezang La. Under the shadows of this war, the movie peeps into the psyche of the Indian soldiers who are surrounded by danger with little or no resources at all but dream of going back to their beloveds and families. Though there is no scope of songs in war movies, Chetan Anand has very aptly used the songs to emphasise the mindset of these soldiers. With unforgettable songs by Madan Mohan and Kaifi Azmi, the mention of Haqeeqat is incomplete without its songs, with Kar chale hum fida being the best patriotic song ever, its emotions being at par with the National Anthem.

Throughout the movie one can see some great and best performances by Balraj Sahni, Jayant, Dharmendra, Sheikh Mukhtar and some small but sweet appearances by Sanjay Khan, Bhupinder Singh, Sudhir, MacMohan, Priya Rajvansh, Achla Sachdev, Shaukat Azmi, Indrani Mukherjee, Chand Usamni and Vijay Anand. With Sudhir and Vijay Anand getting an independent song each.

Masti mein chhed ke tarana koi dil ka
Aaj lutaayega khazana koi dil ka

A beautiful, bright and sparkling number by Mohammed Rafi is picturised on a very young Vijay Anand. It underscores the anticipation of a soldier who is going to meet his beloved after a long time. Kaifi Azmi has so aptly put that anticipation in words. You almost feel like going and witnessing the tryst. Major Pratap Singh (Vijay Anand) is mushy with the anticipation of meeting his beloved. Jeeping through the dry yet pristine locales of Ladakh. The song sets on the journey through these mountains in all effervescence. Some humming and whistling finds its way through the blankets of snow (whistling by Manohari Singh again? Could be, if we take into account the alluring saxophone in the song). Following the humming, the percussion trinkles with enthusiasm in a hoof trot rhythm. Along come the violins, accordion and the inimitable saxophone for a great welcome to Rafi’s soft voice.

Masti mein chhed ke tarana koi dil ka
Aaj lutaayega khazana koi dil ka

The saxophone once again cascades through the valleys of Ladakh and the violins give ample backing to the hoof trot.

Pyar behelta nahi behelaane se
Lo main chaman ko chala veeraane se
Shamma hai kab se juda parwaane se
Ashq thamenge nazar mil jaane se
Dil se milega deewana koi dil ka
Aaj lutaayega khazana koi dil ka

Love is not just about coaxing and cajoling. It is also about meeting your beloved, even if it is after a long time. It is not the cajoling which will stop her tears but their meeting.
The accordion blissfully bellows and the keyboard notes trickle with optimism. The saxophone however is in sync with the Major’s heart. Slithering slowly towards the destinations valley after valley.

Milke wo pehle bahot sharmaayegi
Aage badhegi magar ruk jaayegi
Hoke qareeb kabhi ghabraayegi
Aur qareeb kabhi khinch aayegi
Khel nahi hai manana koi dil ka
Aaj lutaayega khazana koi dil ka

After some certain moments of hesitation, my shy beloved will be eager to be in my arms. Partly nervous, she’ll tend to move away too. But my love will ultimately pull her towards me. No game, but some persuasion will win her for sure.
The snow is somewhat melting with the warmth of the saxophone notes. Igniting the eagerness of their meeting. Violins as though cheering the way to reach his beloved.

Mukhde se zulf zara sarkaaunga
Suljhega pyaar, ulajh main jaunga
Paake bhi haay bahot pachhtaunga
Aisa sukoon kahan phir paaunga
Aur nahi hai thikana koi dil ka
Aaj lutaayega khazana koi dil ka

All things between us will be sorted out with a small gesture of love. But I’ll be more confused and entangled in love. Where else will I get this peace and tranquility? And when again will I get such a chance? This warmth and tenderness is the destination of my love.

This particular role of Major Pratap Singh was offered by Chetan Anand to none other than Madan Mohan. Madan Mohan earlier had a short stint in the army. And he grabbed this opportunity to don the uniform once again. He exclaimed thus – “I was so excited about the offer that I brushed aside a dozen obstacles, worked overtime to finish my assignments and flew to Delhi to join the unit on its way to the location at Ladakh”. But that dream remained unfulfilled as he waited at Srinagar for almost a week for the weather to clear out and make flying possible. Once during this long wait, he managed to persuade a top army officer, who was to drive up to the front the next morning to take him along. The officer agreed. But the weather turned from bad to worse and even this trip had to be abandoned. (Trivia courtesy – Madan Mohan’s official website).
The role thus was played by Vijay Anand, who also at that time was assisting Chetan Anand. Vijay Anand does look cute in the role. The song comes alive with the optimism and eagerness in Rafi’s voice, greatly complemented by Vijay Anand on screen. His mannerisms are so Dev or Chetan like!! Even his smile has traces of Dev’s romantic impishness. Madan Mohan’s music is as lavish as the snow spread. Rich with romance. Hear the song once and you are sure to hum it throughout the day. Everything about the song is infectious.
The joyous effusion of this buoyant ballad is sure to generate feeling of warmth, eagerness and passion within.

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