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Chaandanyaat Phirtaanaa – The Moonlit Walk – Nakshatranche Dene

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The song begins with a tune which is almost haunting. It slowly moves towards a more romantic tone. The entire song goes through many different kinds of notes setting it apart from the typical ‘bhavgeet’ pattern.

This song is from the album Nakshatranche Dene. The music for which is given by Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar and the lyrics are by Suresh Bhat. The vocals are by Asha Bhosle.

Chaandanyaat firataanaa maajhaa dharalaas haat
Sakhayaa re awar hi saawar hi chaandraat

We were strolling down the moonlit pathway and you suddenly held my hand
Darling, be careful.. the night is illuminated by this full moon

The girl is beseeching her beau to hold back his feelings and not express them so freely as they have met each other on a full moon night. The quilt of the night is no more present to cover them up and they are out in the open in front of everyone.

Nijalelyaa gaawaatun aale mi ekatich
Duur diwe kalalaawe padale maage kadhich
Hyaa ithalyaa taruchhaayaa pan saare jaanataat

I have crossed the sleepy town in the midnight to meet you
I have way passed the tattling stars who could have revealed my identity
But it is difficult to hide here, as even the shadows of these trees know
That who we are and this is the place for our little rendezvous

Look at the imagery that the lyrics build in front of us. We can actually imagine a girl trying to evade everything and reach to her destined place only to meet her beloved. I am sure many of us would relate to the above situation and go back into the memory lane and reminisce about the bygone days. For some, it might be the present situation (but we hardly see such romance nowadays and seldom someone has the time to look at the moon)

The music of this song deserves a special mention. Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar is famous for his complex style of music composition, especially the meters that he sets and it takes a great effort for the singers to understand the depth of it.
Here, the different ways in which the word ‘chaandraat’ is sung is just amazing. Also, the small pause just before that word wakes you up from the reverie that this maestro has created and we pay heed to what will come next; yes, all this in that small pause.

Saang kashi tujawinaach paar karu punawapur
Tuj waaraa chhalawaadi an he taare fitur
Shwaas tujhaa maalkauns, sparsh tujhaa paarijaat

Tell me how can I cross this flood of the stars alone
When this cool breeze is tormenting me and these stars are traitorous
Your breath is like the Malkauns Raag; so soothing
And your touch is soft, just like the delicate jasmine which blooms at night

It is such a well written stanza. Here, the lover’s breath is compared to that of the Hindustani classical raga Malkauns which is believed to be created by Goddess Parvati to calm down Lord Shiva. And the lover’s touch is said to be like the parijaat which is a night flowering jasmine; interestingly, parijaat is a favourite flower of Lord Krishna and often depicts the pure love of Rukmini (Krishna’s wife) towards Him.

By such comparisons, the girl puts her beau on a pedestal and tells him how important he is to her. And that is the reason she is willing to risk everything just to spend some moments in his presence, his embrace.

So take risks in love, go out for a moonlit walk and just enjoy.

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