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Chala Pancham Nayyar Banane – Do Pal Ki Hai Ye Zindagani – Chala Murari Hero Banane

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Accordion to me the super use of the jolly-good-bellow instrument.

Chala Pancham Nayyar Banane

Yes, but strictly for a cause and demand of a script that features a shooting of a suspense film of the olden period. But Pancham has his apnaa andaaz not blindly following the (horse-ly) footsteps like Tushar Bhatia did. He is that musical star that shines in the galaxy that is sitaron se aagey when it comes to visualizing and executing any idea/ concept
This effort of him may even dazzle the eyes of Steven Spillberg for that smoothest transition to the back film period (of the likes of China Town when K.N.Singh ruled) and back to the future, all so smoothly.

The song opens up with Helen appearing on the upper passage of a bar with a lovely western wear with big frills and quite comfortable aided by the languid trumpet on similar languid beats and after sufficiently dazzling the audience with her appearance descends slowly and rhythmically with Asha’s sensually opening la la la la la and aah haa to enter a ‘Yogesh’ written mukhda that is so apt for the situation indirectly hinting to her death approaching fast to her along ‘jab tak chale yeh saans gaa lo’.

Curious use of word ‘Ghazal’ on the setup of a bar.

And here comes our celebrity instrument expressing for every of her line like

Do pal ki hai yeh zindagani
Well said

Har saaz ke taar ki
Absolutely, can’t agree with you more

Jab tak chale yeh saans gaa lo
Well, for a change, let me lead you this time to the next phrase

Koi ghazal pyar ki
Ohh I love it….can we do it once again?

And Pancham-Asha-Helen happily oblige.

The scenario is taken over by the saaz-es of the jaaz , trumpet in same languid format aided by the western beat.

Pancham has already instructed the musical team that the song is now traversing to the old era. “Asha, you fasten the seat belt, I am sending you there, trumpets, drums, you get off the musical time machine at the wavy signal of Manohari’s hand and the start of the drunken strums of the electric guitars… dholaks . madolins and clarinets (?) you be there when the machine appears there and hop on the musical bandwagon..err..time machine”

His instructions are, as usual, immaculate but he forgets to instruct accordion to get off. Or was it an intentional thought of sending it as a pet companion to support Asha there, too??

I think the latter is more possibility.

Well. Then, it all happens perfectly, no surprises there. You don’t even know when you appeared in the old era..the clarinets change the stage totally followed by a perfectly olden dholak beats to help Asha land on a Punjabi folk ground and she wears that Punjabi laheja and sings as comfortably as the mukhda jazz.

Mere yaar

And the accordion from nowhere (?) appears saying
Hey its not only you..I am too here to accompany you and is this new laheja okay for your new one?

Asha, pleasantly surprised but not showing it, sings

Hey thanks there…. ..for giving more exposure

Ab to chalne de ulfat ka jaa ddoo
Why not this time ? Let me be come up with lengthier phrase now

Asha says < Off the mike> “Good job done and lets make a repeat along the next lines and full repeat afterwards but remember the mandolins are waiting to get the chance to reset the antara lines, don’t interfere at that time….good boy ! And wait ready to hop again to come with me back to the future.. ..I need you there” all this in a jiffy.

Everything again happens perfect and this time dholak beats slower the pace only to be perfectly picked by the jazzy beat and there is Pancham standing , cheering and welcoming back Asha and her pet with a wide grin that spills above his thick frame of spects..

He exclaims “Superbly done…. but don’t relent, we have to go back immediately .. ….Carlo ( Ajit in the K.N.Singh style) is going to arrive and we are simulating this with a furiously soaring brass and the piano beats to go back again to help the helpless Helen.”

The things happen again same way but the end of the song and Helen is nearing and unfortunately there is no back to the stylish and futuristic jazz.

The whole scene ends on the stabbing brass.


  1. Rupal

    May 29, 2021 at 11:44 am

    Brilliant cinemisation Sudheer. Apologize for this wrong word.

    Still, your Rollercoaster stays simply Brilliant

  2. Sudheer

    November 15, 2022 at 12:54 pm

    Thanks Rupal, missed your message.

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