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On Cloud Nine – Deewana Hua Baadal – Kashmir Ki Kali

Agar firdaus bar roo-e-zameen ast
Hameen ast-o, hameen ast-o, hameen ast

Amir Khusrow, the famous poet was so enchanted with the beauty of Kashmir that he wrote this verse in its praise. Meaning – If there is paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this!!

An all time romantic song Deewana hua baadal finds a place in the book 50 Classic Hindi Film Songs – Gaata Rahe Mera Dil by Anirudha Bhattacharjee and Balaji Vittal. Titled as Paradise Serenade, they describe it as – Breathtaking landscapes in merry colours, snow coated slopes, gleaming fresh water lakes caressed by shikaras, ethereal clouds and O P Nayyar’s music – if there was heaven on earth it was this.

Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) is set against the beautiful backdrop of Kashmir. Full of gorgeous and beautiful locations, the film boasts of all melodious and romantic songs. One of Shammi Kapoor’s most romantic film, debut of gorgeous Sharmila Tagore, wonderful music and awesome locations. What more could one ask for?

The prelude begins with a beautiful sitar piece followed by mandolin, backed by the typical OPN hoof trot rhythm and the haunting taar shehnai making the atmosphere more romantic than ever.
Heavenly Rafi begins to hum and the song begins from the 3rd line of the mukhda

Hmmmm hmm hmmm ha ha haaa
Ye dekh ke dil jhooma
Li pyaar ne angdaai
Deewana hua badal
Sawan ki ghata chhaayi
Ye dekh ke dil jhooma
Li pyaar ne angdaai
Deewana hua badal

The sky is full of rain bearing clouds, love within is awakened, the heart is swaying and seeing all this the clouds have become mad with love. The atmosphere is full of love and Raju (Shammi Kapoor) has just found his love in Champa (Sharmila Tagore) the delicate, coy village girl.

The first interlude is dominated by sitar and a flute with Rafi at the antara again

Aisi toh meri taqdeer na thi
Tumsa jo koi mehboob mile
Dil aaj khushi se pagal hai
Aye jaan-e-wafa tum khoob mile
Dil kyun na bane pagal
Kya tumne adaa paayi
Ye dekh ke dil jhooma
Li pyaar ne angdaai
Deewana hua baadal

Why shouldn’t my heart go crazy? I found you my faithful love, one with beauty and grace. My heart is crazy with happiness because my fate wasn’t good enough to have met a lover like you!!

At the 2nd interlude we again have that beautiful taar shehnaai as clear and romantic as the lake. As Sharmila begins to row the boat forming ripples on the lake, Asha’s voice, the harkats in her voice form ripples on the listeners. Her voice sounding shy, yet crisp, clear and full of love.

Jab tumse nazar takaraayi sanam
Jazbaat ka ik toofan utha
Tinkey ki tarah main beh nikli
Sailaab mere roke na ruka
Jeevan mein machi hulchul
Aur bajne lagi shehnai
Ye dekh ke dil jhooma
Li pyaar ne angdaai

Deewana hua baadal

A storm of emotions lifted within me, ever since I saw you. I got swept away like a small piece of straw and I couldn’t stop myself from loving you. The music of this love stirred my soul and life.

The 3rd interlude with sitar and flute again. With Shammi chasing Sharmila in a shikara and finally reaching her.

Hai aaj naye armaanon se
Aabad meri dil ki nagari
Barson se khizaa ka mausam tha
Veeran badi duniya thi meri
Haathon mein tera aanchal
Aaya ki bahar aayi
Ye dekh ke dil jhooma
Li pyaar ne angdaai

Deewana hua baadal

My heart is filled with new desires today. My world was lonesome till now but in your company and with your love it has become colourful like the spring season.

With some excellent cinematography, Kashmir is showcased beautifully in all the songs. Shammi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Rafi and Asha certainly raise the romantic quotient. O P Nayyar’s music intoxicates.
An excerpt from the Paradise Serenade reads –
Shammi Kapoor recounted that evening at Nayyar’s place. “After shooting in the studio in Mahalaxmi, Sharmila, S H Bihari, Asha, Shakti and I went to his office in Famous at 8 pm. A bottle of whiskey was brought out. First drink, ‘cheers’, ‘ready’ and Nayyar sahab played Deewana hua baadal on his harmonium. I said ‘done’. Then he played Tareef karun. I said ‘done’. In all, he played 52 tunes that evening, I selected 8 or 10 tunes and the music for Kashmir Ki Kali was created within 2 hours just as the bottle was getting over. Some of the 52 tunes were used by Shakti babu for Sawan Ki Ghata.”
No surprise the song is so intoxicating. Time to go tipsy with love as these lovers are already high and on cloud nine, hear out the song!!

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