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Coke Studio Celebrates The Bong Connection With The Folk Song ‘Moner Manush’

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Coke Studio (India), an epitome of mind goggling musical talents, brings out some of the best fusion to its listeners. With every season the beats go more and more intense to appeal to the audience of Coke Studio. The present season 4 presented an interesting fusion of Bengali folk and contemporary music which is hard to overlook or ignore.

The present song ‘Moner Manush’ is a Bengali folk. The song which depicts the yearnings of lovers to unite is originally written and composed by Lalon Fakir who was a celebrated Baul artist. Satyaki Banerjee with his rustic voice recreates the magic of Baul. ‘Dotara,’ an instrument typically used for folk music, played by Satyaki Banerjee adds on to the folk flavour of the song.

The beautiful translation of the Bengali lyrics to Hindi is penned down by the legendary writer Javed Akhtar. But the song at this level becomes outstanding because of the enthralling fusion of contemporary music infused by the music director Anupam Roy. The soft music of the Baul song is complimented by the powerful instruments like guitar, drums, keyboard, violin, etc. The song not only features Satyaki Banerjee but is accompanied by Anupam Roy who dons the hat of a singer as well and Babul Supriyo, an established Bollywood singer.

The three water pipes and bongs at and on the stage do not fail to enchant the listeners, yet again in an amazing episode of Coke Studio. Guess this the power of Bong connection. A piece worth listening, if you are looking for some melodic fusion.

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