Curtains Down for Rhythm House – A Paradise for Music Lovers

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It is one of the oldest and the best music stores in Mumbai. Having set the trend for selling assorted music spanning genres and languages. Having your album sold at Rhythm House was always a big achievement for artist and if you could use Rhythm House as a venue to launch your album, you would be assured of a massive media release. It was an iconic institution which never had any branches. It lives on in the memories of all those who grew up in Mumbai with music in their blood.

It served as the epitome of music stores which got left behind in the new era of Crosswords and Music world. But ask any classic old school avid music lover and he will have quaint stories of their experiences at this iconic store.

Rhythm House closing down is the setting of old school sun on the music empire. It might have lost in the new era of modern music stores but shall always kindle memories and nuances which cannot be met by any store ever again. These memories are etched into the hearts and minds of music lovers with indelible ink of familiarity and intense attraction.

Avid music lover and Dev Anand fan

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  1. Dr kaushal

    June 1, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    Very sad,I had purchased some rhythm house classical music cassette in ¹990and ,CDs 4 yrs back.they must hv there presence on you tube,or website,digital bank of there production

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