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Deepawali – When Faith Fuels The Flame – Shirdi Ke Sai Baba

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Deepawali manayi suhani
Deepawali manayi suhani
Mere sai ke hatho mein jaadu ka pani

When the heart believes completely in something, when the faith in the Lord or the Guru is so strong that not even a tempest can blow away the lamp which spreads the light of that belief and engulfs the negative darkness around is the actual win of good over evil. Then the water works as a fuel of faith and ignites the lamp of goodness which spreads over the entire place and then it is the real festival of lights!

A similar incident is shown in this song from the movie Shirdi Ke Sai Baba. Here, a little girl is deprived of oil which she wants to light some earthen lamps on the occasion of Diwali and that makes her very sad. Seeing this, Baba sprinkles some water around and the little lines of lamps start shining with twinkling lights brightening up the entire place.

Shraddha ka deepak bhakti ki jyoti
Satya prem ki jalati nishani

The flame of reverence is the symbol of true love for the Guru. It is the symbol of knowledge, knowledge which helps us in walking on the right path which ultimately leads us to the Supreme. This little light guides us through the darkness of evil and falsehood.

Mere Sai ki amrit vani
Main to bhai re Sai deewani
Dwarka maiya ye ved purani

The voice of my Guru is like the nectar of truth. It is not only sweet but is like my own conscience which does not let me waver from the goodness that defines me and it keeps me constantly in check with my beliefs and I have become my Guru’s devotee and am completely flowing in this sweet nectar.

The song which has got the sweet vocals of Asha Bhosle is written and composed by Pandurang Dikshit. It is featured on Sudhir Dalvi who played the role of Sai Baba and literally lived it onscreen. His each action is so subtle and to the point that never even once does he overdo the act. The little girl’s expressions and dance match the emotion of the song completely and the entire ensemble is in sync.

Diwali literally means a row of lights. Let this Diwali ignite the flame of faith in our heart so that there is a triumph of good over evil within ourselves. And may the faith not be blind, may it make us aware of ourselves and our surroundings and create a wholesome atmosphere of goodness and peace. Let our lights within make a long row of enlightened souls and really make it a Happy Diwali.

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