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Dil Kyun Yeh Mera Shor Kare – The Echoes Of My Heart – Kites

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Kites – There was so much buzz around this movie for so many reasons; the casting, the pairing, the scenes, the personal lives of the actors being closely watched by the media, a foreigner being a leading lady and what not! Despite of all these things, the movie bombed at the box office. The music of the film was great though, which is I think the highlight of every Rakesh Roshan movie. And just like every Rakesh Roshan movie, this album too was composed by his brother Rajesh Roshan and this particular song created quite a rage among music lovers across the country.

Sung by KK and penned by Nasir Faraz, this song tells the entire story in few minutes. It features on Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. This song comes under the category where it does not depend on the video, or does not need a video. It just enters into your system and flows along with your blood to every single cell of your body and rejuvenating it to the core.

Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare
Idhar nahi udhar nahi
Teri Ore Chale

My heart is telling me that it has found its destiny. It is so excited to see you that it has become like a bubbly teenager who is infatuated at the sight of its beloved. But I know that it is not infatuation, it is love as me along with my heart are following you everywhere you go and nothing else will sway us away from you.

Zara der main yeh kya ho gaya
Nazar milte hi kahan kho gaya
Bheed mein logo ki woh hain wahan
Aur pyaar ke mele mein akela kitna hoon mein yahan

It did not take me even a moment to lose my heart to you. Our eyes met and I was lost in you. You were standing among the mob of people far away from me and I was standing alone in this riot of love longing for you. This stanza, the lyrics and the composition as well, actually manages to take you to a place which is really chaotic and yet you are alone in that chaos and thinking about your own loved one. Such is the impact of music. The end of this stanza leaves you in the middle of the air, suspended in it (like a kite) and then slowly the piano notes and KK’s voice pull the string and bring you back to the ground gently.

Shuru ho gai kahani meri
Mere dil ne baat na mani meri
Hadd se bhi aage yeh guzar hi gaya
Khud bhi pareshan hua
Aur mujhko bhi yeh kar gaya

The story of my life has begun and I am in for a lot of trouble as my heart has not listened to me. It has crossed all the limits despite of telling it not to, and now we (me and my heart) have reached a point where we both are in a state of desperation.

The lyrics are straightforward and adhere to the theme of the movie entirely. They are simple words stringed like little ribbons on the thread of a tender tune which has the glaze of a fantastic voice and voila! The musical kite is ready to soar up in the sky. What else do you need on a windy December morning!

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