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Dinesh Shailendra Unfolds the Story of “Aaj kal mein Dhal Gaya”

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Wordsworth said poetry is ‘spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.’ This saying lies so true with those who compose poetry. Hindi cinema holds testimony of such spontaneity when it comes to the lyricists in the industry. Dinesh Shailendra, the son of Legendary Shailendraji who was the renowned lyricist in Bollywood during 1949 – 1966, in this regard narrated a small but a touching incident about his father which his mother had told him.

As told by his mother, Dinesh said that once there was an urgent need of money in their house. His mother pestered Shailendraji to get the money from the producers which was due to him. As per the schedule Shailendraji had completed his work but the producers were not paying him. Out of all there was one producer who promised to pay him that particular day. According to Dinesh, his mother was anxiously waiting for Shailendraji to return with the money. On his coming back his mother asked his father “Paise miley” and his father replied “Nahin….Aaj kal pe tal gaya.” And next morning he wrote the song Aaj kal me dhal gaya which featured in the movie Beti Bete (1964) starring Sunil Dutt.

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