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Diye Jalte Hain – Namak Haraam – Friends Are Forever

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Kishore da at his best,as always,bringing out all the feelings one has about that one special friend,or if lucky then having your own circle with you through all the phases in life.

“Umrabhar dost lekin, saath chalte hain..”
Though the song opens to the pleb
“Diye jalte hain,
Phool khilte hain”, it goes to another level completely with
“Badi mushkil se magar
Duniya mein dost milte hain…”
Anand Bakshi Sahab hits home that all important relation and its effects on one’s life with such powerful expression..
That bond between two people who meet accidentally,during any phase in life- childhood,adolescence or adulthood,and develop an affinity,leading to a strong bond, due to a feeling of kinship,or just because one likes being in the company of the other,or share some common interests,or have similar pet-hates,or some indescribable ingredient,that makes them connect strongly with each other..That’s friendship..where the key word is Understanding..Of all that is happening in the others life,and offering that all-important support and comfort,with just the presence of the other…if soothing words are needed,they are offered,an opinion,yes,an advice,that too,but the silent support that a friend offers is incomparable..You grow together,learn from each other,are cheerleaders and worst critics to each other,and if you are in a mood for rollicking times,who else but a friend can make it “oh- so- memorable??”..And then, heaven help you if such a person is away from you..
“Jab just waqt kisika ,yaar judaa hota hai,
Kuch na poocho Yaron Dil ka haal bura hota hai,,
Dil pe yaadon ke jaise teer chalte hain..”

All that laughter and masti they have enjoyed together,all the sharing of joys and insecurities and pain ,is a thing of past..and hence the heart so misses the camaraderie of yore..

“Iss rang roop pe dekho..
hargij naaz na karna,,
Jaan bhi mange yaar to de dena,naaraz na karna..
Rang ud jaate hain,dhoop dhalte hain..”
There’s no room for ego tussles and pride in such a relationship..
One that’s a total giver,is a true friend afterall..and then comes,..”rang ud jaate hain,dhoop dhalte hain” poignantly hinting at age stealthily creeping up, and snatching all that you held in high’s leading to the ultimate truth in the last stanza,and I identify with it totally,when I see older people in parks with friends,laughing,supporting ,giving a helping hand to the other literally,at eachothers bedside during illnesses,with eyes brimming with concern,and a badly concealed element of fear,or the way when the eyes of elderly people light up when friends call,or come visiting,’s a lonely phase now…and friends are of utmost solace..the younger generation is caught up in their own world,and they don’t know your world at all..Films,music, literature, etiquette,social issues,anything from your time..the times you LIVED in..the things you can share and discuss and feel alive,only when you have your friend to talk to..

“Daulat aur Jawani ek din kho jaati hai..
Sach kehta hoon sari duniya dushman ho jati hai..
Umrabhar dost lekin saath chalte hai..
Those friends,or that friend,who knows you inside out,who knows your trials and tribulations,aspirations and success and defeat,who has been a spectator to ALL that’s happening in your your saathi..who simply understands you,accepts you just the way you are,has altercations, volatile arguments,periods of silence in between ….All..and yet stands by you,no matter what,during trying times.

Pancham comes up with a befitting score to highlight this precious relationship.. Guitar patterns are a star here and that particular sound of the shakers play the peculiar,”hatke”pattern throughout the song.
(Always reminds me of the sound in the road side sugarcane juice stalls that have these Ghungroos tied to the machine and make a rhythmic pattern at every turn)
The song is an ode to that once in a lifetime kind of friendship..
“Badi mushkil se magar duniya me dost milte hain..”

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