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Drizzle Delight – O Sajna Barkha Bahaar Aayi – Parakh

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Tumko pukare mere mann ka papihara
Meethi meethi agni mein jaley mora jiyara
O sajna, barkha bahar aayi
Ras ki phuhaar laayi
Akhiyon mein pyaar layi

The above lyrics conjure up image of an angelic, demure and the very beautiful Sadhana enjoying the first drizzle of monsoon, her thoughts affectionately dwelling upon her beloved. It is a delight to watch a beauty like Sadhana on screen. One is completely smitten by her. Her demure eyes, lashes shyly lowered, a shy yet bewitching smile, her tresses wavering around her face ( lines from her other song aptly describing her – Haseen hazaron bhi ho khade, magar ussi par nazar padey) Her beauty is one of a kind, a fairy straight from the paradise while her grace and innocence wins your heart!!!

The song represents the true essence of the Lata – Salil da combo. The perfection of his tunes and the purity of her voice. The divinity of his tunes and the dignity of her voice. Like the radiant flowing river and fragrant as the first rainfall of the season. The song was first recorded in Bengali language in non-film genre. The Bengali lyrics were written by Salil da himself and it was a hit.

Bimal Roy chose this tune for his film Parakh (1960) and picturised it beautifully, doing full justice to the enthralling song and the mesmeric Sadhana. The euphemism of rain makes the song different from all other monsoon songs. The rainfall, the leaves, the hibiscus flower and Sadhana trying to collect water from the roof in her cupped hands. Innocence galore. With the basic minimum orchestra in the backdrop, the sitar making its way straight into your heart. The sitar magic in the song was created by Jayram Acharya, one of the versatile sitarists India has had. The other instruments like jal tarang, flute, tabla and violin complement Lata’s voice. But along with the music its also raining soft and splendid lyrics too. Again from Shailendra (who else?)

Aisi rimjhim mein, o sajan, pyaase pyaase mere nayan
tere hi khwaab mein kho gaye
– In this drizzle, my eyes long for you. They are lost in your dreams. The subtlety of Shailendra’s words take your breath away.

Saanvali saloni ghata jab jab chhaayi
ankhiyon mein raina gayi, nindiya na aayi
– I could not fall asleep seeing the spread of dark clouds, they remind me of you, the rain filled season of spring has arrived. This is Shailendra at his delicate best!!!

Salil da being a champion arranger of music, aptly based the song on Raag Khamaj. He has kept it simple and intricate and Lata Mangeshkar’s erudition makes this exquisite song a drizzle delight!!!

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