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Who in real life would invite the ex-boyfriend of the bride to the wedding party. And then ask him to sing a song. Here is a fictional account of conversation between director (D), lyricist (L) and screenplay writer (W).
Director: The heroine is getting married and the ex-boyfriend comes to the party.
Writer: And people beat him up.
D: No, no one beats him up. He is a good friend of the bride.
W: Okay
D: Then, another person asks the ex to sing a song.
W: People do not let him.
D: No, everyone wants him to sing.
Lyricist: Okay, so he sings a congratulation song. I can write that.
D: No, he sings that he has been cheated.
L: Then, people beat him up.
D: No, they clap.
L: Okay, heroine runs away from the wedding party.
D: No, she sits there and admires the poetry.
W: The groom beats him up.
D: No.


And then they created the song:
1. Baharon ne mera chaman loot ker

Yes, this song is poetically beautiful. The music is awesome. Deven Verma in non-comic role looks good. Sharmila is as beautiful as untouched fresh snow (hey, I am also a poet).

If you have not seen the movie, you would believe that he sung it alone in a dark room as in:
Yaad na jaaye beete dino ki

One would believe that this was an isolated case of such a scene. But, no. Our Hindi movies like the ex-boyfriends more than the husband. There are multitudes of such songs.

2. Mubarak Tumhe ho samaa ye suhaana
So, the village music teacher with a bodi at head considers himself to be a good match for city-educated rich girl. I get it. Love knows no bounds. And one-sided love absolutely knows no bounds. I myself have fallen in love with Steffi Graf. Until twice married-divorced Agassi lapped her up.

3. Khushi ki wo raat aa gayi
One minute back the hero was happy that the girl is getting married to his brother, and suddenly, he got it all figured out. Getting married to your brother and coming to your house is not the same thing as getting married to you and coming to your house. I hate this song. I love happy songs in happy music and sad songs in sad music. But this song is happy song in sad music. I have an idea. I would volunteer to be the DJ in the wedding of that friend I hate. And I would play this song. It needs talent to dance on this song. I would dance like there is no tomorrow. Pure pleasure.

There are some more party songs by ex-lovers that make me question the intelligence of the audience in the party.
4. Mere Dushman Tu Meri
Who sings such a song in a party. Has any one of you ever sung this song even on stage. The party songs are supposed to be happy cheerful songs.

5. Dil ke jharokhe me tujhko
If you are a pita-hua-aashiq, this is one song I would recommend you to sing. This is a sad song in happy music. This has therapeutic effect. Sing and dance like Shammi Kapoor, and your head will become clear after five minutes.

We do not have many suhagraat scenes in Hindi movies. The director could carry the scene of ex-boyfriend singing in the wedding party. I am not sure if he could carry the suhagraat scene after the song. Just the right way to mess up the suhagraat and honeymoon of that friend you hate. Get the bride’s ex-boyfriend to sing one of these songs in the wedding party.

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  1. sksitl1

    July 29, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    Hi Darshan
    Your article is hilarious.
    Since you have included party songs also, you could have perhaps added ‘Jaane wo kaise log the jinko’ from Pyasa

    Sunil Khullar

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