Fame Is A Byproduct Of Good Work – Prateeksha Nayak

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It takes a lot of courage to leave a job with established company and move to Mumbai to pursue a career in music in Mumbai. Today we bring to you story of one such person – Prateeksha Nayak.


How ‘music’ happened in your life?

I was drawn to music when I was only four years old. I grew up in the beach town of Karwar where we stayed close to a temple. The chant of the bhajans appealed to a little me so much so that I pestered my parents to take me there at 5 am everyday. Sensing my keen interest, they took me to a music teacher and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Did you have any formal training. If yes, from where and when did you start your formal training?

The first formal training started when I was only 5-6 years old in Karwar.I went on to learn Hindustani Classical Music from Smt Archana Belgundi and Shri Mukund Gore in Belgaum. I also appeared for singing exams under Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and scored distinction. At present am training under Ustaad Murtuza Mustafa Khan, S/O Padma Bhushan Ghulam Mustafa Khan of the illustrious Rampur Sahaswar Gharana. I am also learning Western voice and vocals from the legendary Jazz Singer Samantha Edwards in Mumbai.

What motivates you everyday to keep singing amidst this competition and new singers?

It might sound cliche, but it is real! My family and some people really close to me. It is their faith in my voice which constantly motivates me to do better. I also strongly believe that there is space for everyone as long as we have our own unique ways of doing things. These days, everybody is drawn to something that works and brings fame. As a result, everyone ends up sounding the same. You should not seek fame, it is only a byproduct of good work.

Singers and songs that you would love to listen at any point of time.

I am a big fan of Shilpa Rao, Ben Howard, Tochi Raina, Nandini Srikar and Nikhil DSouza. My playlist is full of their songs!

One song that you would have loved to sing.

Has to be Zara Zara from RHTDM

Tell us more about your music influences.

I am a big fan of futuristic sounds. When I say that, am talking about outfits like Daft Punk and Enigma. My ultimate dream is to create one such act of my own fused with my classical and pop influences.

One music director you would love to work with.

Please make it two, A R Rahman and Amit Trivedi

What made you move from a job in Bangalore to start a career in Mumbai?

In my previous job, I was working with Yourstory in Bengaluru. As you might know, the website is dedicated mostly to inspirational m people who dared to follow their dreams. And during my entire tenure at YS, I couldn’t help but think about my true calling which was music. With every story I wrote and every person I interviewed my resolve to get back on stage got stronger!

Any fond memories that you want to share

When I was 17, I was a part of a band. I started writing my own songs with them. Our music got really popular and we were covered by the media in Goa and Maharashtra. Also, doing prime time shows on Radio Mirchi, Radio Indigo and Radio One have been great experiences. Recently, I performed my original composition, ‘Tanhayee’ at Prithvi Theatre before an absolutely wonderful audience on World Theatre Day! So Prithvi has this unique way of rewarding a performance by offering a cuppa of chai for the person who gathers the most cheer and applause from the crowd. And Yes, I did win that coveted cuppa of chai after all!

Future projects.

I am currently working on my next single which I aim to release by the end of August this year. It is about something really close to my heart and am sure all our hearts so fingers crossed!

Anything specific that you want to do in next one year

I want to create my own live act, something that represents my take on music. I have a lot of ideas and am currently in the process of fine tuning them.


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