Foreigners Singing These Hindi Songs Will Make Every Hindi Music Lover Proud

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Certain facts leave one with utter astonishment. This article brings to you some interesting videos which as an Indian will make us feel proud. Two things which make an Indian go crazy about are Cricket and Bollywood. Indian Cricket holds a strong history at an international level and there is no doubt in the fact that the reach of Bollywood in today’s present time has crossed the national borders and is doing a huge business overseas where the movies and stars are not only viewed but equally appreciated.

But these videos will prove it to you that Bollywood fever is very high in various parts of the world and as Bollywood lovers there is nothing else that can make us feel more proud about it. It gives us a lot of pleasure to see and hear Bollywood songs, being sung at international stages; okay that’s not the news. The striking news is, these songs are sung by people of different nationalities at their respective home countries. Picking up the language Hindi and speaking it is not a big deal but singing Hindi songs by non speakers of the language is a matter to be noticed and appreciated.

It will fill your heart with love when you will hear a Canadian husband singing ‘Kyuki Tum Hi Ho’ for his Indian bride


You must have heard Lata Mangeshkar singing Haan Jab Tak Hai Jaan from the movie Sholay. Now listen to this Azarbaijan lady singing the same in front of a mass of people.


You will fall in love when you hear the small Russian boy singing the Raj Kapoor’s version of ‘Awaara Hoon’


The cutest version of ‘Zubi Dubi’ from the movie 3 Idiots right from the land of Uzbekistan


On a reality show ‘China’


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