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Ghoomar – Twirl In Love – Padmavati

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So the official video of the song Ghoomar from the movie Padmavati is out and it is amazingly beautiful. Deepika Padukone in her Rajasthani ensemble is dazzling throughout the song and her eyes and dance moves are sure to captivate your heart. The way she looks into the camera, it feels as if she might look through your soul. Her dusky complexion and the unibrow were much talked about but we have a feeling that her performance would be the talk of the town once the movie is released.

Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of Rajasthan and consists of twirling movements throughout the song. Keeping the tradition alive, folk dance expert Jyoti Tommar was roped in to train Deepika for the twirling movements and the dance altogether.

The music is composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself and he has kept the folk song as pure as possible (although the same cannot be said about the story of the film, if some sources are to be believed). Nonetheless, the grandeur of the song is evident from the first note of the music and the first scene of Padmavati coming down the stairs of the fort in the night, with the path lit with blazing torches and the glittering ghaghras simply put a spark in our eyes.

The lyrics too have the Rajasthani folk flavor to it.

Aavo ji aavo ji ghoomardi khelba ne
Padharo sa ghoomardi khelba ne
Balam tharo gurar gurar guraave
Aaj mharo jivdo ghano hichkaave
O ghabraave mann mein bhaave
Mharo badilo bhanwar mann bhaave

She is inviting all the ladies to dance to the song and enjoy circling around while doing so. She says that when her beau enters the courtyard to watch her dance, her heart beats so fast that it skips a beat and it starts to flutter to the beats of the drums.

Chhamak chhamak ghunghra baaje
Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne
Aao sa ghoomardi khelba ne

Her payal chimes to the rhythm and is inviting him to play along with her. He too is mesmerized to see such a beauty dance in front of him. Although there are several girls surrounding her, his eyes go straight to her and stay focused on her only. Shahid in his Maharana Rawal Singh role looks good on screen and looks completely smitten by Padmavati in this particular song.

Kanak preet ki sar pe odh kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
Haan ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
O Ralak reet sab jag ki chhod kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome bharke

Let us garb ourselves in this golden veil of love and dance and twirl
And just twirl and twirl in circles and around each other
Let us forget all the customs and rituals
Let us forget that we are among other people and let us just twirl

The song is sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Swaroop Khan while the lyrics are written by A. M. Turaz. Now, Ghoshal has a very sweet voice and it is difficult to imagine her singing a Rajasthani folk song as these songs require a chesty or heavy voice, but she does justice to the song and it does not sound weird at all.

It is a visual treat (like all Bhansali songs) to watch this song and we cannot wait to watch it on the big screen; although it does remind us at some places of Pinga from Bajirao Mastani and Dhol baaje from Raamleela.

It is said that the ghaghra worn by Deepika weighs about 30kg, add the jewelry to it and she might well be carrying a load on her dainty body. To top it, they say that she has twirled around for as many as 66 times while shooting the song. Now, we haven’t counted it yet; but you can and let us know!

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  1. Ashalata Gauri Shankar

    October 27, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    What a fantastic article. You seem to have great knowledge about the subject and music n’ lyrics. The style of writing is also great (targeted to masses). Even a novice like me understood everything. Very informative.

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