Happy Friendship Day!

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1. Diye jalte hain – Namak Haram
This iconic song from Namak Haram shows that friendship sees no difference of caste, colour, creed or status.

2. Imli ka boota beri ka ped – Saudagar (1991)
This song reflects the innocence of a child and emotions of grownups. Friendship has no age bar neither does it have an expiry date.

3. Jaane nahin denge tujhe – 3 Idiots
A heart-warming rendition by Sonu Nigam touches your heart and brings a tear to your eye. Surely, one of the best friendship songs of the new-age cinema.

4. Purani jeans aur guitar – Ali Haidar
Story of friendship told very simply. Easy to understand the lyrics and a very hummable tune, it is a favourite among many.

5. Yaari hai imaan mera yaar – Zanjeer (1973)
A beautiful feel good song, it makes you dance to the tune. Pran’s moves and Amitabh Bachchan’s expressions makes this song unforgettable.

6. Dil chahta hai – Dil chahta hai
This film and its title track became a cult among youngsters. This track represents the friendship and bonding of the modern-day youth.

7. Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai – Album Pal by KK
This song by KK is so beautifully crafted that it remains with you for years and one automatically remembers it when the word friendship is mentioned.

8. Jagad jagad – Shiva
A peppy number that has the energy, the naughtiness, the camaraderie amongst college friends and in general the college life. You will surely hum this song long after listening to it.

9. Jaane kyun dil jaanta hai – Dostana (2008)
Really, when you have a true friend everything automatically becomes alright. This one’s for all those people who have been a steady rock for their friends.

10. Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge – Sholay
Yes, how can our friendship day celebration be complete without this song from Sholay? This song, no doubt, has been the friendship anthem from many years and would remain so for years to come.

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