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How Coke Studio Reimagined Sambalpuri Song Rangabati

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An artist on stage is appreciated more if he or she enjoys his/her performance. Coke Studio India is such a platform where audience not only enjoy the exclusive pieces of music but also tap their feet to the zeal that each singer and musician brings to the surface.

Among many special compositions, this article focuses on a folk song from season 4. This is an Sambalpuri folk song ‘Rangabati’ recreated and re interpreted by the music director Ram Sampath. Ram Sampath is an established music director in Bollywood. The song is crooned by Ram Sampath’s wife and a singer who is known for her distinct voice Sona Mahapatra.

‘Rangabati’ meaning colourful lady is an age old folk song from the region of Sambalpur. Sona Mahapatra a singer hailing from Odisha is the best choice to justify the flavour of the song. It is a song of love and adoration for the beloved. The original song picked up fame in marriage celebration in Odisha. It is a sheer love song and depicts the emotion of two lovers with underlying meaning of love for the motherland.

The amalgamation of the love for the roots and motherland is presented in the rap form by Tony and Rajesh in Tamil language. Their poetry celebrates nature and one’s strong connection with motherland. The Tamil rap integrated in the Odia folk song brings uniqueness to the piece. The love for the roots is summed up by the India Rawstar fame Rituraj Mohanty with the song Bande Utkal Janini. Rituraj Mohanty again a singer of Odia origin finds a way to express his love and respect for Odisha in the song Utkal Janini.

The lyrics are penned down by Mitrabhanu Guintia and the Tamil rap by Tony and Rajesh. Originally ‘Rangabati’ was composed Prabhudatta Pradhan and sung by Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel. But Ram Sampath’s contemporary music gives the folk song Rangabati a new look which is really fresh and interesting to the ears of the listeners.

Here is Rangabati for you listeners.


Check out the original one also


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