Indian Independence Day Tea Party At Boston

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When any person from a foreign country speaks to us in our language, we feel very happy; even if it is a simple greeting or saying thank you in the native language. Imagine what we would feel if some foreigner sings/plays our national anthem that too in their country! Proud – yes, we would feel very proud.


On the eve of the Indian Independence Day we bring to you a video which will set the mood of celebration right away. This video holds a footage where an old lady (a street musician), from the historic city of Boston, is playing a very old musical instrument which was originally invented by Benjamin Franklin and is called a glass harmonica.

She is playing the tune of our national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” with such ease as if she has been playing it all her life. We can also see the reaction of the crowd nearby. People actually stop and listen to the melodious sounds coming from the instrument and appreciate it.

At the end, the lady encourages everyone to sing along the ending notes of “Jaya Hai, Jaya Hai” as she herself sings them. I’m very sure that when you watch this video, you will join in singing the last lines, eyes filled with tears and heart full of pride.

The lady who is playing this is Vera Meyer. She plays this rare instrument is also founder of Glass Music International.





So let the celebrations begin!

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