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Jay Shaarade Vaagishwari – Obeisance to the Goddess of Knowledge – Saraswati

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Goddess Saraswati is also known as Shaarada which means ‘the one who offers the sara or the essence’ of life. She adorns the white saari which symbolizes purity and is seen holding a book (knowledge) and Veena (music/art) in her hands.

Following is a song from the album Ritu Hirwa. It is composed by Shridhar Phadke and is sung by Asha Bhosle while the lyrics are written by Shanta Shelke. This song comes under the category of ‘prarthana’ or ‘bhavgeet’ and is a favourite among the audience. It is a song which almost all singers want to excel at, as it is a very difficult song to emulate. The kind of composition this is, one can only be in awe of the stalwarts who came together to pay obeisance to the goddess.

Jay Shaarade Vaagishwari
Vidhikanyake vidyaadhari

Hail the goddess Saraswati, she who is the daughter of Lord Bramha and she who is the goddess of wisdom. We fold our hands in gratitude and worship you as you are the giver of knowledge.

Jyotsnepari kaanti tujhi,
mukharamy shaarad chandrama
Ujale tujhya haasyaatuni,
chaari yugaanchi paurnima
Tujhiya krupeche chaandane
nit warshu de amuchya shiri

Your skin radiates like that of the stars in dark night sky. Your face reminds me of the charming bright full moon. Your smile is so powerful that all the eras shine in your glory. O mother, let your blessings shower on us forever like the stars falling from the heaven.

How beautifully poet Shanta Shelke has selected the words to describe the divine goddess! The play around the words of stars and moon; to describe her physical aspects as well as her glory is woven into a shining verse.
Further, she describes the deity’s aspects which go beyond her physical appearance. The divine power of the Mother who removes the obstacles, her vitality and her liveliness she brings about into her worshipers.

Veenewari firata tujhi
chatura kalaamay anguli
Sangeet janmaa ye nave,
jadata matichi bhangali
Unmesh kalpataruwari,
baharun aalya manjiri

The moment your artistic, pearly fingers touch the mystical Veena, it produces music which one has never heard before. These musical notes not only soothe the ears but also go deep down and activate the dormant, sluggish mind which had been in a slumber for all this while. This in turn gives rise to a lively, aware person who is full of wisdom and is capable of achieving everything. Here the person’s ability is enhanced via knowledge and wisdom and he is compared to the mythical wish granting tree which grants our wishes; describing how and what a person can achieve things himself when he is aware of himself and has knowledge and wisdom.

Listen to this wonderful song and drench in the mystical, musical journey.

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