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Jise Samjhe Hum Afsana Kal Tak – Ek Naya Rishta – Confused Chronicles

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“You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don’t fall in love with people because they’re fun. It just happens.”
– Kirsten Dunst. 

For those in love or have experienced love can readily connect with the quote. Sort of expect the unexpected situation. Something similar happens with Aarti and Rajiv in Ek Naya Rishta. 
Ek Naya Rishta (1988) is a modern take on relationships, business, independence, interdependence. A story which deals with fear of fidelity and responsibility, urban life and the youth, promiscuity, corruption and abuse of women. Yet another bold theme by director Vinod Pande. 

 A rich, spoilt Rajiv Tandon (Raj Kiran) refuses to marry and is happy having multiple affairs. But things change after his father’s death  since his will reads that the son could only inherit the fortune on the condition that within 18 months he fathers his own biological son. Rajiv comes up with an idea to find a woman who is ready to bear his child for money without having to marry her. 

Aarti Saxena (Rekha) is going through a financial crisis in life and takes up his offer. A relationship starts to blossom which leaves both of them confused about their present situation. Their confused chronicle is embellished with an intricate Khayyam melody and Nida Fazli’s lyrics give us a hint of that beautiful confusion – 

Jise samjhe the hum afsana kal tak
Woh afsana haqeeqat toh nahi hai

Opening with the notes of mandolin in signature Khayyam style and the violins which yield to soothing bass guitar and Bhupinder Singh’s contemplating voice.

Jo humse duur bhi hai paas bhi hai
Kahin unse mohabbat toh nahi hai

And Lata Mangeshkar joins the thoughts of confusion along with Bhupinder Singh, she begins with the antara –  

Jinhe hum chhod aaye zindagi mein
Wahi shamil hai har gham mein khushi mein
Jo apna haal hai deewangi mein
Udhar bhi aisi haalat toh nahi hai
Kahin unse mohabbat to nahi hai…

The use of violins is supported with the Cellos. The intricate melody by Khayyam matches with the entangled emotions of Aarti and Rajiv. The emotions which have reached a stage where the idle thoughts of being with each other are the only things in the head and trying not to concentrate on those yet literally living in them. 

Har ek manzar se ek chehra banana
Yun hee kagaz pe kuch likhna mitana
Kisiko yaad kar kar ke bhulana
Akelepan ki aadat toh nahi hai….

Khayyam has made use of bamboo flutes and African harps here to bring out their soft feelings. Aarti is now pregnant. She’s carrying Rajiv’s baby. She feels lost and lonely without Rajiv. It is a kind of retribution for her. 

Fazayein suni suni si hai aise
Kahin kuch kho gaya ho apna jaise
Hum apne aap ko behlaye kaise
Ye bechaini toh raahat nahi hai…

Both know that they don’t have a future together but they’re still clinging on that small flicker of hope. The world around them has changed suddenly. They become strangers in their own world. Just the opposite of what it was before. When it comes to quoting opposites in a song, Nida Fazli does it wonderfully. 

Ye duniya yun toh kehne ko wahi hai
Magar lagta hai ab kuch ajnabi hai
Na jaane kaun si isme kami hai
Hamein unki zaroorat toh nahi hai….

The song throughout has those soft maadal touches backed by reso reso and shakers. The music arrangement is by Enoch Daniels. 
Rekha looks beautiful throughout the movie and Raj Kiran is impressive as Rajiv. Though a wonderful and sensitive actor, he remained underrated and so did the soundtrack of this film. Khayyam and Nida Fazli  – what a combination! All songs from this film are gems including –

Ehsas ka sauda hai, jazbaat ki keemat hai
Daulat ki numaish mein 
Har cheez ijaarat hai
….rendered by Rekha herself. 

Khayyam has always been unparalleled when it comes to sensitive songs like this one. Nida Fazli’s lyrics reach the untouched core of your heart. Falling in love when it is uncalled for, just happens. For it is just meant to be, as the Elvis Presley song goes – 

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be….

Avid music lover and Dev Anand fan

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