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Jogi – The Mystic Tale Of Love – Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

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Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji

Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Tere ishq mein jogi hona
Mainu jogi hona

The earliest days of love when the feeling is actually blossoming in the hearts of both the lovers, the time just after the confession of those feelings and the happiness of getting those feelings reciprocated is just exhilarating. In this period the heart experiences so many emotions that it becomes frenzied and there comes a point when one or the other or both the lovers feel that living apart from each other is just impossible and the emotion of that love is so strong that one is even ready to become a jogi or a fakir and immerse oneself completely in that stream of love.

The song from the upcoming movie Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana takes us through this mystical journey. It is sung by Yasser Desai and Aakanksha Sharma and is written and composed by Arko. The music is easy on the ears and so are the lyrics (although are heavy on the Punjabi words but are quite easy to understand). Desai’s voice is volatile and just flows throughout the song like a rivulet which has no obstructions in its course. It is featured on Rajkumar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda. They look good together and their chemistry seems to work onscreen from whatever little is shown in the trailers and song peeks. It creates an intrigue as to what the story would be like.

Ishq ka rang safed piya
Na chhal na kapat na bhed piya
Sau rang mile tu ikk warga
Phir aatish ho ya ret piya, ret piya
Jis jung mein tera ho rutba
Uss jung ka main toh
Junaid piya, junaid piya

Love is a pure feeling; it does not differentiate between people, it does not betray and it is not conniving. For love, everything is equal; it does not matter if you are as bright as the sun or as minute as the grain of the sand. It stands tall for the lover like a soldier in the battlefield no matter what.

Main laakh sambhal ke jaani
Tu nadiya aur main paani
Ikk tujhme hi behne ka raasta

The girl too confesses that no matter how much she tries to be away from him, it is her destiny to be with him just like it’s the destiny of the water is to flow with the river.

Sau baar samajh ke maani
Mera qissa teri kahaani
Jo jud jaaye toh mukammal vaasta.. haye!
Phir se mujhe ikk dafaa
Hai bas tujhe dekhna…

She has understood this fact after conversing with her heart that their stories are entwined with each other and she would achieve her happy ending only if this happens. And she too has become his entirely just like the jogi is devoted to his lord.

Jo jag se kaha na jaaye
Bas tujhse kehna ji…

All their emotions, stories, confessions are now for each other and no one else is so esteemed to listen to them. They are so entangled with each other that they no longer require the outside world, nor are they bothered if the world requires them or not. They have become each other’s forever and are devoted to each other just like the jogi…

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