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Jyoti Kalash Chhalake – A Sanative and Exquisitely Poetic Melody

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It’s a Spirit illuminating melody, based on Raag Bhupali , where the lyrics are pure gold ,voice pure honey, and the melody all soul. The poet keeps emphasising the beauty, grace and splendour of early morning sunlight .The sun, a golden benediction on the land, beautifies everything with its ruby hues  & swirls of orange & yellow. It is one of the sweetest renditions by Lata, the full-on effect of her nectarous voice , right from her opening ‘ Aakaari ‘, is like liquid silk flowing from your ears, through your veins right upto your heart & soul… A song which is high on simplicity , aesthetics , imagery, & sonority .

It’s fabulously picturised on beautiful Meena Kumari , who with her   doe eyes & long flowing tresses ,doing her daily household duties ,looks a picture of grace and dignity . The cinematography is breath taking, specially the opening shot ( with Lata’s ‘Aakaari ‘ in the background ) is like an exquisite painting. Beautiful moments shine, jewel like, throughout the song . A misty dawn peeking through the parted drapes of the door & windows, with the illuminating rays of sun giving an ethereal effect to the surrounding, is simply magical . This song is a perfect amalgamation of beautiful music and beautiful ambience .There is so much serene and settled majesty in the entire scenery, that it enters into the heart & soul, & delights & elevates it.

This song is truly ‘Purity Epitomised’ … And Meena kumari has enriched it justifiably, as Sulochanaji had done in the Marathi version of this film in ‘ Vahininchya Bangdya ‘ . The Hindi film was a remake of this Marathi film, and it’s said that ,Meena kumari saw the Marathi film again and again, to get the right feel of her character. The composition by Sudhir Phadke is simply stupendous. He is an accomplished Marathi singer – composer , who’s given some immortal music .

The lyrics by Pt Narendra Sharma ,his language is simple ,but charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree.

पात पात बिरवा हरियाला
धरती का मुख हुआ उजाला
सच सपने कल के
ज्योति कलश छलके ……

t is a song heralding dawn, with the deeper meaning that every dawn is the new beginning .The early morning divine sunlight, is the harbinger of beauty, peace , new dreams, fresh hopes and undiscovered avenues …

ऊषा ने आँचल फैलाया
फैली सुख की शीतल छाया
नीचे आँचल के
ज्योति कलश छलके

This devotional song with its piety and purity touches the innermost  recesses of your heart , nourishes your spirit ,and never fails to fill you, with warm sense of peace, tranquility ,happiness and well-being.

I Remembered the words by  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Such songs have a power to quiet
The restless pulse of care,
And comes like the benediction
That follows after prayer.


A feel-good & uplifting melody, that has the power to quench your parched Soul ….
Totally Cathartic & Therapeutic !

Year: 1961
Movie: Bhabhi Ki Choodiyan
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyricist: Pt Narendra Sharma
Music Director: Sudhir Phadke

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