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In the mid 60s, audiences were introduced to a free spirited bird who had a youthful, energetic and promising voice. Main Ek Panchhi Matwala Re was recorded for Door Ka Raahi (1971) but due to some reasons could not make it to the final edit but it was later re-recorded in his voice and also picturised on him in Mamta Ki Chhaon Mein (1989). Readers till now must have guessed it correctly that that free spirited bird is none other than Amit Kumar. His journey as a singer started more than 50 yrs ago. Since then, he has rendered numerous songs in Hindi, Bengali & other regional languages.

70s also had the ever romantic Bade Acchhe Lagte Hain from Balika Badhu (1976), along with the Bengali song Jinisher Daam Bereche, with his father Kishore Kumar. This gave him huge recognition as a singer. With 80s came Love Story (1982) with its chart bursting songs, one better than the other. Amit Kumar winning a Filmfare award for Teri Yaad Aa Rahi Hai, set his foot strongly in the field of music. 80s also had the chart busters Teri Kasam, Rama O Rama, not to forget Oye Oye from Tridev (1989). Then came the 90s, with his songs which proved to be the trendsetters. Be it the tenderly romantic Tip Tip Baarish Shuru (Afsana Pyar Ka) or the booming Tapori from Baaghi (1990). 2000s saw Amit Kumar singing the captivating Dil Dil Ka Ye Kaam Hai (Raju Chacha), the rhythmical and foot tapping Dekha Jo Tujhe Yaar (Apna Sapna Money Money) and the very stylish Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe (Dulha Mil Gaya). Throughout these years, his voice seems to be getting younger (also his looks). It is rich and full-toned. The audience who have seen him performing live will completely agree with this!!

However, as the man himself says, he has a heart of a composer. A very creative and a distinct composer, whose thinking is quite different from the repetitive, monotonous ones. He has been traversing the creative world of music for at least 35 years as a composer. Beginning in 1983, he gave the Bengali music lovers songs like Kon phoole sojoni, Ami choli eka, Chena ochena koto mukh dekhi, Pothe jete jete

He proved his versatility by creating albums like Amar Bhalobasha, Oh Sweetheart, MAD & Dam Dama Dam. His unique compositions enthralled his fans entirely. Using his talents efficiently, he had legends like Lata Mangehskar, Asha Bhonsle and Kishore Kumar singing songs composed by him. Amanat, a film in Bengali which had Amit Kumar as a music director has a beautiful Lata number which shows his sensitive side.

His album Dui Kishore again a hit, had his younger brother Sumeet Kumar singing with him. Then we had Baba Mere, where he made his daughter Muktika meet her grandfather Kishore Kumar. His way of paying rich tribute to Kishore Kumar not only as his father but as a genius. It marked the launch of his music company KBM – Kumar Brothers Music. The company represents freedom for creativity. He is the first music composer to set up his own online music company, through which he is able to interact with his fans directly. A revolution indeed. Another album under this company Sapna Banata Hoon shows the philosophical side of Amit Kumar. It is a creation from the house of Gangulys with Leena Chandavarkar Ganguly writing the lyrics and Sumeet Kumar rendering along with his elder brother. The company now is set to release its latest album Zinda Hoon Main. The teaser shows Amit Kumar rendering the words to the Almighty with a redolent smile on his face while the cover photo shows him chilling out in a coffin!!
This has certainly evoked excitement and eagerness amongst his fans. They know they are in for a treat. Their speculations will end on the 11th of February 2017 with the release of this album. The album will be marketed by SONY DADC & it will be available both in stores & online.
Here’s the teaser –

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