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Kindle the dream of love in your eyes – Roz Roz Aankhon Taley – Jeeva

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Philosophy has often been together with love from the day it was born. Both seem irrelevant in practical life. Human mind forms the connection between these 2 unrelated things time and again. They usually complement each other like sugar and spice. Though divergent, sometimes the combination gives nice flavour and adds to the taste buds. Poets have used this combination to enhance the flavour of the poetry. The 2 together merged with similes churns the poetic appetite. One of the poet/lyricist who does wonders with such similes is Gulzar (who else?)

The opulence of his words can only be managed if the composer is adept with musical riches. A cognitive skill which Pancham (who else?) had in huge quantity, in abundance. At a point it is difficult to needlecraft Gulzar’s lyrics since they read like a prose instead of a poetry. But Pancham being a true craftsman of music and its intricacies did this with extraordinary grace. The solidarity and association of these 2 have won accolades for numerous undistinguished and mediocre films. “Roz roz aankhon taley” from an unflavored and bland movie like “Jeeva” is one such example.

Pancham’s marvellous answer to Gulzar’s heart touching romantic words. Though the song, including the prelude and interlude is approximately 8 minutes, it definitely sets the mood for delicate romance. It is picturised on humdrum couple – Mandakini & Sanjay Dutt, which makes the appearance on screen rather unexciting. But voices of Asha Bhonsle & Amit Kumar provide the needed flavour of sugar and spice for your taste. The voices truly complement the music and the lyrics. Asha’s stoic yet sweet voice and Amit Kumar’s deep, profound voice spices up the verses. The foursome together kindle the dream of love in your eyes just as the lyrics say………ek hi sapna chale, raat bhar kaajal jale…aankhon mein jis tarah khwab ka diya jale…….

The song begins with a wonderful prelude of mixture of several instruments including the enigmatic flute, magical violin and sparky guitar. One can also hear the French horn making its way for Asha’s voice. The repetitive lines in her voice are punctuated with the tabla and backed by maadal. Though the song is romantic, it maintains a heartwarming and emotive pattern throughout the song. The music creates a rich bed of sounds around the voices. Go through the antara of…….Jab se tumhare naam ki misri honth lagaai hai, meetha sa gham hai aur meethi si tanhai hai…….the suggestive similes, Gulzar’s signature. Pancham creates the ambience of that depth and intensity. Similarly, in the second verse which goes……Chhoti si dil ki uljhan hai, ye suljha do tum, jeena toh seekha hai marr ke, marna seekha do tum……..Asha brings out the yearning and sadness of the verses again, with her rendering…..marna seekha do tum being exceptionally beautiful. The song now enters a very Panchamish surprise at its crest with Amit Kumar crossing over his voice in a repetitve Roz roz aankhon taley…….!! Amit Kumar balances his voice perfectly and harmonizes with the subtle variations. One gets that Pancham touch again when he sings……..bechare se kuch khwabon ki neend udaa di hai….!! The soundtrack is continuously reinventing which keeps you glued to listening.

While the song ends it will leave an impression on you, stay there with you and will linger on for a long time like the French horn in the song.

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