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Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha – A Sublime Masterpiece

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The velocity , musicality , and the magic of this song is breathtaking, and it’s treatment an hypnotic experience ,rendering you stunned, speechless and spellbound. The multi-faceted Hemant Da’s composition is tranquility redefined, his compositions always reflected the purity of his personality. He has used minimal orchestration and given emphasis on Lata’s soft, sibilant, and emotive rendition , making it a melody par excellence.

Lata’s voice is like sweet molasses, sometimes dripping out slowly, and sometimes alluringly breathy. She has raised her own bar of singing, with her emotive skills and delicate presentation . She knows when to remain subdued and when to open up, making it hypnotic, haunting , and absolutely mesmerising !


Words make you think,

Music makes you feel.

A song makes you feel a thought.

This quote by E.Y. Harburg is a perfect fit for this timeless melody.


Brilliant lyrics by Kaifi Saab,that reveal the complex state of mind of a vulnerable young woman, going through the labyrinth of complex emotions ,turmoil,& searing insecurity.


Loved the cadence & imagery of his language, replete with sensitivity…

Kaliyon se koi poochhtaa,

Hansti hain wo yaa roti hain.


Words so common place and yet invested with so much significance. He uses words in a beautiful way, and makes a commonplace subject seem very special.

To me, that is the epitome of Romanticism.

Palkon ki thandi sej par
Sapnon ki pariyaan soti hain
Ayesi bhi baatein hoti hain
Aisi bhi baatein hoti hain


What evocative imagery, sensibility, & beauty. One can never outgrow Kafi’s majestic words,and Lata’s magnificent rendition, which is simply sublime. Beautifully graceful Sharmila ,Handsome & Sensitized Dharam , and the serene woodland scenery of Mahableshwar, where the song is picturised, add to the magic of this classic song. It’s CLASS all the way, be it lyrics, composition, rendition, actors or the way it’s picturised … It’s a complete song, an audio-visual treat. The beauty of this enticing number grows on you. You can’t help but succumb to the lure of the stunning melody again and again.



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