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Kulfi – Sweetness Of Bygone Days – 102 Not Out

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The songs of the film 102 Not Out are creating quite a buzz among the audience and the latest song is called Kulfi. The song is composed by Salim-Sulieman and the lyrics are written by Saumya Joshi. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam.

Here, kulfi (which is an Indian frozen dessert) is a symbol of the sweet moments of childhood.

Lagta hai ki pighal gayi
Magar nahi, nahi, nahi
Woh thi jahan ab hai wahin
Kulfi.. kulfi
Haan, meethi meethi maazi ki kulfi

The song talks about how one feels that the moments of childhood and the happiness attached to those moments have gone away. Just like a kulfi which melts away little by little with time. But then we realize that those moments are in our hearts, captured forever and never to be forgotten with time. The memories are as sweet as the experience of those moments; just like we remember the sweetness of the kulfi even after eating it.

Hazaar tanz kass gayi
Hazaar gaanth bandh chuki
Khulegi na gathri kabhi
Ye socha tha, par khul gayi
Pighlegi woh kabhi
Kulfi .. kulfi

We never think that the bundle of our laughs that we had so carefully kept in our hearts would ever open again. Even though we had put several knots to it and forgot about it, it opens up one day. And when this bundle of memories opens up, we find that it is still fresh.

Jo chal raha tha tham gaya
Jo tham gaya tha chal pada
Usi purani raah pe
Phir se main nikal pada
Purane sikkon se khareed li
Kulfi.. kulfi

And once when the memories are revisited, something magical happens. Suddenly the things take a different turn altogether and we find ourselves walking down the memory lane. This sweet, cool dessert is not for free though; it is bought with the pennies of the past and it is completely worth the price!

Salim-Suleiman duo has done a good job with the composition. They have kept the instruments and arrangement simple. With only guitar and tabla being the main instruments, the song gets its natural flow. This is almost like a gazal and Sonu Nigam’s velvety voice suits this kind of song. The lyrics are sweet and easy on the ears; just like the kulfi.

This song is an ode to the bygone days of our childhood and growing up years. The days that made us what we are. Sometimes, we try to find such moments but cannot and we think that we have forgotten all about it. But the truth is that we look for them in the wrong place; because such memories are kept in the heart and not in the head.


  1. Navin Ranjan

    May 5, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    As soothing as always

  2. Preeti Mehta

    May 5, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    After so many years both legendary actor work nicely same chemistry. 102 not out heart touching story. Very nice message giving true movie. No song, no loud music, no fighting, nor politics in story. Only live your life without fear.

    Want to watch again and again .

    Thanks to Stori writer, Director, Dhiru specially,

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