Kumaran Muthuraman – The Feel Guru of Bengaluru

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Music creates magic. Music has the ability to carry the mind and heart to a world of love and serenity. But in the schedule of busy life one forgets to appreciate it. In such a case it is our privilege to write about those people who have their strong association with music and has made music a medium to live life. There are number of musicians and vocalists who continue to dedicate their time to music and have been successful to gain the love of his/her listeners. Such a singer is Kumaran Muthuraman.

A great music lover since his childhood, Kumaran is originally from Kerala but has been raised in the metropolis Bengaluru. He realised his passion for singing in the early stage of attending school, and had won a lot of singing competitions not only in school but also in college. Despite the fact that he never went for any formal training in the field of music, he continued singing with dedication. Being in a city like Bengaluru, Kumaran has been exposed to opportunities to sing in various languages and genres.

A person with immense talent waits for an opportunity, for an exposure where he can be loved and appreciated by all around him. Such an opportunity to sing on stage came for Kumaran six years back where he was approached by one of the event organizers who happened to hear Kumaran’s voice online. The show was well received and according to Kumaran there was no looking back after that. Thereafter Kumaran has been doing lot number of musical shows.

He does musical shows both for commercial and charity purposes. To mention a few, Kumaran has performed a lot number of times for Indian Army. He is also a part of the group called Bhoole Bisre Geet through which he got a chance to perform for a cancer foundation. This is not all, Kumaran is a great admirer of Dr. S.P. Balasubramanyam and Dr. KJ Yesudas and for him his best shows go back to the days when he shared stage, as a part of Alaapana, a music troupe from Chennai, with legends like Dr. Yesudas, Padmashri KS Chitra, playback singers Sujatha Mohan and Swetha Mohan.

Kumaran leads a very balanced life. He has completed his studies from Madras University and presently works as a Quality Manager in a Healthcare Industry. Apart from singing he has always excelled in sports be it indoor or outdoor and his hobbies include gaming, watching movies and cooking. Amidst his busy schedule of life Kumaran has kept up his passion for singing, the credit of which he gives to his supportive family and friends who have always motivated him to go ahead and flourish his career as a singer.

We are fortunate enough that we were able to get  in touch with some of Kumaran’s listeners who eagerly agreed to share their views about him.


Shiv Priya, an avid music lover from Bangalore says, “This sweet person Kumaran, emotes and gives so much feel through his songs that we aptly call him Feel Guru and I am proud that I gave him that tag name.”


Shammas Oliyath, who is a singer says,”I first met and heard Kumaran during a show he did at BURJ Cafe, Bangalore in 2012 and I was awestruck. His voice is special, very close to Yesudas’s voice and he brings in all the nuances of the song he selects and sings it soulfully with lot of feelings and emotions. A few of Kumaran’s songs are the ones which I had ended up listening over and over again because of the beauty of the rendition. A true born singer he is and also a gem of a human being. I feel very proud that I have shared stages with him and know him very well and we are good friends. ”


Bal Krishna Birla who also is an ardent music lover says “ Kumaran is one singer who never misses an opportunity to do music for a cause. His singing is so expressive that it takes you to another world.”


Shalini Mishra Jha from Hyderabad says, “His voice and expressions  are divine and I get goosebumps every time I hear him singing”


Kumaran has established himself as an extremely good singer and we hope he continues to charm his listeners with his magical voice.


You can listen to his beautiful voice here:

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