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Kya Kare Kya Na Kare – The Eternal Uncertainty – Rangeela

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It is always difficult to express oneself completely to anyone; especially when expressing one’s love. There’s always this confusion in the mind whether to confess the love or not as there is always a fear of rejection.

This song from the movie Rangeela (1995) aptly shows the confusion and uncertainty of the one-sided love of a rowdy, rugged Munna (Aamir Khan) who has just found out that he is in love with his childhood friend Mili (Urmila Matondkar).

Kya kare kya na kare yeh keyse mushkil hai
Koi to bataa de iska hal o mere bhai
Ke ek taraf to us se pyaar kare hum
Aur usko inhe kehney se daray hum

The confusion that my mind is going through right now is chaotic. On one side I’m in love with this beautiful woman and on the other hand I’m scared to tell her that I love her. Does anyone have a solution to this? I think not.. As I have seen many people go through this when they were in love and this one seems to be an eternal uncertainty.

Roz roz hum, sochta yahin,
Aaj humko woh agar mil jaye kahin,
To aisa bolega (saala) waisa bolega,
Khullam khulla us pe dil ka raaz hum kholega,
Woh saamne chamakti hai, saans hi atakti hai,
Aur yeh zabaan jaati hai fisal.

Every day I think that if I meet her today I will tell her everything unabashedly. The entire day goes into imagining me being brave and talking to her. But the moment she appears in front of me my breath becomes uneven and my tongue falters my intentions. I’m back to square one and going into this vicious circle of telling or not telling.

Koi badi baat nahin, humein kehna tha jo bhi,
Woh to hum yoohin kehte magar,
Phir bhi kaha nahin, wajah iski hai yahi,
Bas inkaar se hum ko tha dar.
Ab kahe ya na kahe, kahan kahe kab kahe,
Soch soch main hi woh gayi nikhal

Confessing my love is not such a big deal and I would’ve said that to her in simple words. Yet, I kept my feelings to myself fearing that she might reject me. I kept on thinking and thinking and she went away and I am back to my problem. And I think that I will remain in this uncertainty forever..

The song is composed by A.R. Rahman while the lyrics are penned by Mehboob (He got a Filmfare nomination for this song along with Tanha Tanha). It is sung by Udit Narayan and is featured on Aamir Khan and Urmila Matondkar.

The entire soundtrack was a big hit right after its release. This particular song is very much in sync with the character of Munna who is an orphan and is brought up on the streets of Mumbai. The language that is used in the movie is maintained in the song too. Yet, the lyricist has not gone overboard with the ‘tapori’ words, which is really good. The arrangement and the kind of sounds that Rahman has used for this song is very much raw and hence the song completely gels in the movie.

Udit Narayan has sung this song with such a carefree attitude that it just puts a smile on our faces. Listen to the way he has said the word ‘saala’ in one of the lines. Furthermore, his voice suits Aamir Khan perfectly. No wonder these two have given innumerable hits together.

Now we come to the onscreen performances. Urmila has a meaty role in the movie but appears in bits and parts in this song. She looks fab and her expressions are more than enough to convey what is needed.

This song, like the movie, belongs to Aamir Khan. He had put in a lot of efforts to get into the character of Munna and he succeeded in doing so. There was not even a single scene where he went a little too far while playing the tapori. His body language, dance and expressions in this song are to die for. He is shown to be under the influence of alcohol while narrating his state of mind in this song and has managed to do it amazingly good.

Overall, it is a treat to listen and watch this song. Enjoy this one!

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