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Lead Or Lag But Move On – Chakke Mein Chakka – Brahmachari

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Bhappie Sonie, the Director of Brahmachari, had gone to Shammi Kapoor’s place to finalise the shooting dates. Shammi Kapoor wanted to check out the song first. Bhappie Sonie told him that the song was not yet recorded.
When Shammi asked the reason Bhappie Sonie told him that Shanker Jaikishen had composed a great tune, but Shailendra had not written a single word.
Shammi Kapoor wanted to talk to Shailendra. Bhappie told him that the only way to meet Shailendra was to go to Juhu Beach at 6 in the morning. He could be found there for sure.
In Shammi Kapoor’s words… “Raat ki daaru utri bhi nahin thi aur Shammi Kapoor aur Bhappie Sonie, laal aankhein liye, Juhu beach pahunch gaye… wahan dekha, patthron parr, safed kurta pyjama pehenkar, ek aadmi cigarette peeta jaa rahaa tha”

When Shailendra saw these two, he came down from on top of the rocks and walked towards them. When he came near them, he asked…. “Have you two come for a morning walk?”
Shammi said…. “Gaadi toh aapki wajah sey ruki hui hai…. kya karein…. ”
Shailendra laughed …. he had understood what Shammi was hinting at.
He said…. “Oh….. woh gaadi waala gaana… ho jaayega… nothing much to it…. ” Before the two could react, Shailendra looked over their shoulders as a car went by….. ” Woh dekho…. Chakkey mein chakka, chakkey pey gaadi, gaadi mein nikli, apni sawaari….”

Shailendra had given them the ‘mukhdaa’ of this famous song…
Both Shammi Kapoor and Bhappie Sonie were bewildered to say the least…. Shailendra saw them off and said… “The rest will be done in a couple of days… ”
The names of the children used are mostly our cousins and neighbours.
“Wheels within wheels…” So easily said!!
(The above story courtesy – Dinesh Shankar Shailendra)

Chunnu chhabeele munnu hatheele
makhmal ki topi chhotu rangeele
lallu bataataa lalli tamaataa
kama banenge gattu gatheele
pet mein inke lambi si daadhi

They might look frivolous and young, naive and child-like but they will one day turn into a responsible adult. They have a matured head on their shoulders. They are not immature, if at all they seem to be like that. This is what Shailendra might want to say.

Chakke mein chakkaa, chakke pe gaadi, gaadi mein nikli, apni sawaari
thode agaadi thode pichhaadi thode agaadi thode pichhaadi

There will always be trouble after trouble. But with all the support you get in life, move on. Lead or lag, move on.

From so many wonderful, immortal, memorable songs of Shailendra, this is served as the frothy welcome drink with all the sugar settled at the bottom of the drink (song). It leaves you high spirited with the exuberant Rafi, vivacious Shammi Kapoor and the enthusiastic Shankar- Jaikishan adding to do the needful, to make us zingy. If you think it is just a light hearted song picturised on the bubbly kids and the energetic Shammi Kapoor leading them, take another look at Shailendra’s words.

Umar mein kachche ye chhote bachche
hain bhole bhaale hain seedhe sachche
thaanenge jo bhi kar ke rahenge
ye apni dhun ke hain poore pakke
koyi naa samjhe inko anaadi

The children are tender at heart, small, naive and straightforward. But they know the way and how to tread on it. They are persevering and dedicated. Be like them. So lead or lag but move on.

lambaa safar hai tedhi dagar hai
manzil hai mushkil girne ka darr hai
par naa rukenge chalte chalenge
ye saari duniya ab apna ghar hai
haar na maanenge ye khilaadi

The song is full of positive energy. Hear the masti in Rafi’s voice. He seems to be enjoying every word of it. He fits his voice so perfectly with Shammi Kapoor’s mischief and funny actions on screen.

So what if the journey of life is long and difficult. Fall and rise again, get hold of the dreams and aspirations. Don’t stop. Walk on. Make the world your kingdom and rule. Don’t make it a misery. Lead or lag, but move on!!
Shailendra’s words kindle the soul. They awaken you. Inspire you. These words are from a man who’s seen a lot of suffering in his life, enough to make him a champion. That is what Shailendra is, a champion!!

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