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Manwaa Roaan Sa Lage – The Teary Tale Of Tenderness – October

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This song is from the movie October which is going to release in April 2018. If reports are to be believed, the film is as unusual as its title. It stars Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu in the lead roles. Varun Dhawan’s character Danish Walia is a career oriented person and Banita Sandhu, Shiuli, is his classmate.

Shantanu Moitra has composed this song and it is penned by Swanand Kirkire. It is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and additional vocals are by Pronob Biswas.

Manwa roaan sa
Bekal hawa sa

My mind feels like crying
It is troubled and wandering just like the restless wind

Jalta jiyara, chubhti birha
Sajanwa aaja naina ro ro thake

My heart sears and this separation pricks and pinches it
Please come, my love; my eyes are tired of crying

The separation from the beloved has evoked this situation. The girl is going crazy and her heart is overwhelmed by remembering the love of her life. She has cried her eyes out and wants him to come back.

Dheeme dheeme chale
Kaho na koyi raat se
Haule haule dhale
Kaho na mere chaand se

Please ask the night to walk slowly
And the moon to set slowly

Soyi soyi ek kahani
Roothi khwaab se
Jaagi jaagi aas sayani
Ladi saans se

A sleepy story is angry at the dream
A mindful, mellow hope fought with the breath

There was a fight between the two. But these two were inseparable; just like the story is from the dream and the hope is from the breath. Yet they fought and now the separation is unbearable.

Saanwre saanwre
Yaad mein baanwre
Naina, naina ro ro thake

O my beloved, I’m going crazy with your memories
And my eyes are tired of crying now

Sunidhi Chauhan is such a versatile singer that she can mould her voice according to the emotions of the song. She has sung this song from the heart and we can feel it. The amazing combination of Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire yet again shimmers like the stars that they are. The lyrics and the melancholic melody have created depth in this song and it has the much needed ‘thehraav’ to it. The evenness of the harmony grows on you as the song progresses.

Turn up the volume and forget the world!

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