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Mhaari RE Mangetar (Maati Baani) – Your Jam for the Next Shaadi and this Holi

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In the recent times we can actually use the phrase “the old wine in a new bottle.”Such is the case with the songs these days. With almost every movie song being remade, we don’t really know what to feel anymore. Yesterday when I was going through YouTube, I stumbled upon this cover of a Popular rajasthani Holi song , “Mhaari re mangetar”, and I’ve been listening to the song on loop since then.

Back in 2007 , Ila Arun sang this song and it was a hit ,from then every Indian wedding has been incomplete without this song. The lyrics of the song Originally written by Subrat sinha, goes like:

Holiya me ude re gulaal,
Aayo re mangetar re!
Mhaari re mangetar chudla waali,
Ghadiya walo re nawab,
Aayo re mangetar re!
Mhaari re mangetar nathni waali
Moocha walo re nawab,
Aayo re mangetar re,
Maan liyo maine soorat se lagte nawab ji,
Dil ke ho kya raaja tum? Do ye jawaab ji!
O thaare taano ki jo hain guleliya,
Maare dhaayein to uthti phureriyaan
Dhaani dhaani chunar thaari udi udi jaaye
Ye dil ki riyasat wahin pe lut jaaye
Maari re Mangetar

This song is the fifth single of Maati Baani, which covers all kinds of music from folk to rock and jazz to funk. Maati Baani literally means ” The Language of The Earth”.Started by Nirali Kartik and her husband Kartik Shah, in an effort to put Indian Classical music within the different sounds, cultures, languages and voices of the world. They spend their time scouting musicians on internet, approaching them and making music with them completely online.They produce original compositions in collaboration with various global artists.

For this particular song they collaborated with global artists like, Alaa Wardi who is a Saudi Arabian A cappella artist, who became an online YouTube sensation in the Arab world and Turkey. Wardi effortlessly covered the lead and background vocals in the song. Australian artists like Linsey Pollak , who is a musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator and Zaia Kendall who creates bass sounds through foot soles. Maati Baani has managed to give a funky middle eastern twist to this traditional folk song.

Music Produced by Kartik Shah
Lyrics : Traditional
Original Lyrics : Subrat Sinha
Mixed and Mastered by Devang Rachh
Alaa Wardi – Vocals, A capella
Kartik Shah – Vocals, Guitars,
Nirali Kartik – Vocals
Linsey Pollak – Glove Bagpipe, Carrot Clarinet, Mr Curly Morsing, Bucket, Vocal Percussion
Zaia Kendall – Thongophone

P.S: Feel free to tag your friends who are about to get hitched and have a happy Holi in advance.

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