Mona Was Only His Darling – It Is The Villain Ajit

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Born as Hamid Ali Khan on 27th January 1922 he is still remembered for those villainous dialogues which became an identity of the actor. Popularly known as Ajit, the actor has made Bollywood proud with his unique style of acting and dialogue deliverance which cannot be recreated.

Before switching to the role of villain, Ajit is credited for his lead roles in movies like Nastik, Bada Bhai, and second lead in movies like Mughle – E – Azam and Naya Daur. His breakthrough in the ‘villainous’ career came with the movie Suraj and then movie like Zanjeer, Yaadon Ki Baaraat, etc followed to enhance his success as a villain.

Ajit had a style which was his own. From his presence in the movie to dialogues, everything set the actor apart. He was usually seen wearing western attire, with checked suits, jewellery accessories, sunglasses on screen. Played the boss or the leader of the gang and was accompanied by a witty female partner usually named as ‘Mona’ and was addressed as ‘Mona Darling.’ The actor popularised the concept of smuggling, especially gold biscuits in Hindi cinema along with the smuggler being the villain.

His dialogue deliverance still remains a matter of distinctiveness. ‘Mona Darling’ in Yaadon Ki Baaraat and ‘Lily don’t be silly’ in Zanjeer are the ones which are etched in the memory of the Bollywood lovers. He came to Bollywood to become a hero but became a revolutionary villain and a trend setter. His sad demise on 21st October 1998 came as a shock to the people in the industry. He changed the image of a villain in Bollywood and will always serve as a guiding path for the youngsters to be followed.


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