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Mud Ke Na Dekho Dilbaro – No Turning Back – Raazi

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So, the current talk of the town is the new Alia Bhatt-starrer film Raazi which is directed by Meghna Gulzar. The film is said to be about a Kashmiri girl (played by Alia) who is sent to Pakistan as a spy. Recently a glimpse of the new song from the film was released and is called ‘Dilbaro’ which is already a hit. It depicts the father-daughter relationship and the pain when the daughter gets married and is separated from the family.

It is sung by Harshdeep Kaur, Vibha Saraf and Shankar Mahadevan while the lyrics are written by Gulzar. The song is composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and it features Alia Bhatt, Rajit Kapur (playing the father) and Soni Razdhan (mother). It will be interesting to see the real-life mother and daughter on screen.

The song has Hindi and Kashmiri lyrics and is a treat to hear both the languages in perfect harmony.

Ba chha sey khaanmaj kuur
Duo main rukhsat myaan bai-jaan’o

The darling daughter of the house is about to leave and she is asking family members to bid her goodbye.

Ungli pakad ke tune
Chalna sikhaya tha na
Dehleez oonchi hai ye, paar karaa de

She asks her father to help her cross the border of the house just like he had held her hand while she took her first steps.

Baba main teri mallika
Tukda hoon tere dil ka
Ikk baar phir se dehleez paar karaa de

She says to her father that she is his princess and a part of his heart, so she needs his help while crossing over and going to the other side.

Mudke na dekho dilbaro
Mudke na dekho dilbaro

Her footsteps are slow and she doesn’t feel like leaving her family behind. She wants to turn and look at them once again, maybe for the last time. So her friends caution her, they ask her not to turn back and look at them as this will make things more difficult for all of them.

Fasalein jo kat jaayein
Ugti nahi hain
Betiyan jo byahi jaaye
Mudti nahi hain…

Once the grown crop is harvested, it doesn’t grow back. Same is the case with daughters; once they are married off, they don’t look back.

Aisi bidaai ho toh
Lambi judaai ho toh
Dehleez dard ki bhi paar karaa de

And if the farewell is like this, if the separation is long then she needs all the courage to cross this painful border which once crossed will cut her off from this house forever.

Mere dilbaro…
Barfein galengi phir se
Mere dilbaro…
Fasalein pakengi phir se
Tere paaon ke tale
Meri dua chalein
Duaa meri chalein…

To this the father says that the cruel ice that separates them will melt once again. The crops will grow once again. He tells her not to worry as his prayers and blessings would pave a strong path for her nervous footsteps.

Mudke na dekho dilbaro
Mudke na dekho dilbaro

But right now, don’t turn back my daughter. Start this journey and keep walking till the end.

The lyrics are very touching and they have another deep meaning to it. Although this is a ‘bidaai’ song, it also says adieu to this daughter who is going across the border and serving her motherland. This father may never see his daughter ever again. The daughter may never come back and the separation might be forever.

The composer trio excels and gives us another gem in the form of Dilbaro. They have used instruments like Rabab, Dotara and Esraj which add that Kashmiri flavor to the song without overpowering it. It acts like that subtle aroma of the saffron which makes your heart melt and enhance the main ingredient.

Harshdeep Kaur and Vibha Saraf (Kashmiri vocals) have distinct voices and yet sound good together. Shankar Mahadevan too has lent his voice for one stanza.

This song might remind you of ‘Heer’ song from the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan (like it did for me); but maybe it is because of a similar emotion (father-daughter bond) and the fact that it is written by Gulzar and sung by Harshdeep Kaur. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful song and is sure to become a song that will be included in everyone’s song list.

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