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A Musical Mesmerism – Dil Ki Nazar Se – Anari

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A melody which is surfeit with simplicity, musicality, sweetness and aesthetics. It hits all the right notes every which way, of sensitivity,  sensibility and serenity, be it in lyrics, composition, rendition, picturisation, or the enactment by actors. There’s a spell and mesmerism about the melody that positively consumes you. It’s exceptionally soulful, melodious and timeless.
Hrishikesh Mukherjee, popularly known as Hrishida,  was known for his social films with a mid-way path between stark reality of art cinema, and over-the-top mainstream cinema. He connected with his audience on an emotional level, which reflected in his films, with a lot of sense, sensitivity and sensibility. The way Hrishida has picturized this song, you immediately have an emotional connect with it. Shailendra’s lyrics are stunning, romanticism oozes from the simplest of his words.

hum kho chalein,
chaand hai ya koyi jaadugar hai,
yaa madbhari ye tumhaari nazar ka asar hai
sab kuchh hamaara ab hai tumhaara
ye baat kya hai ye raaz kya hai….

Mukesh’s earnest expression with his  non-parallel baritone, and Lata’s nectarous voice is like warm flowing honey. It takes your breath away, you can’t help but get soaked in it’s caressing sweetness & warmth and get sucked in the vortex of it’s serene spell. There’s a Subdued rapture in this enchanting melody, a kind of letting go of emotions fully, that makes you flow soulfully with this melody.
Naturally beautiful Nutan’s simplicity and sweetness , and the sheer magnitude of her talent is awesome. Not only her facial expressions even her body language is amazing. She spoke through her entire body posture with immaculate grace, & bewitching simplicity, with utmost dignity abridged in her character. Raj Kapoor’s endearing hesitancy and  Simplistic aura , add to the allure of this enticing song.
It’s easy to succumb to the charm & sweetness of this melody, when displayed in such dazzling abundance .

Singers-Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director – Shankar Jaikishan



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