Najariya Ki Maari (Pakeezah)

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Song Info

Movie/Album: Pakeezah

Release: 1972

Music Director: Naushad

Lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri

Singers: Rajkumari Dubey

Lyrics in Hindi

हाँ हाँ
नज़र का वार था दिल कि तड़प ने छोल दी
चली थी बरछी किसी पर किसी को आन लगी

नजरिया की मारी
नजरिया की मारी मरी मोरी गुईयाँ

कोई जरा जाके बैध बुलाओ
आके धरे मोरी नारी
हाय राम आके धरे मोरी नारी

नजरिया की मारी मरी मोरी गुईयाँ
नजरिया की मारी मरी मोरी गुईयाँ

Song Trivia

In the 1940s,Rajkumari Dubey had sung for Naushad, who is the of this song and he had regards for her. After 1952 or so, Rajkumari did not get any singing assignments and was forced to sing in the chorus to make both ends meet. During one of his recordings Naushad noticed Rajkumari singing in the chorus. He gave her this solo song in the movie.The song is used as a background song.

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