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Nigaahein Milaane Ko Jee Chahataa Hai – A Sparkler All The Way

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It Is one of the best raag Yaman based qawaalis. The Composition by Roshan is outstanding & stupendous ,
and the easily understandable lyrics by Sahir the magician (as his name means)  are so brilliant, they leave you in an exalted state . Every line has an yield .

Ufff, what  ,’murkis’  ‘ sargam ‘and ‘peshkash’ ! Hats off to Asha Bhosle for her Charged singing with so much
‘Masti & Ranjaktaa’ , & to Nutan for her stupendous acting, mobile facial expressions, and sparkling expressive eyes . Their combined energy, verve, and chutzpah is totally energising and captivating. They light up the whole ambience with their effervescence. Every accent, every emphasis, every modulation of Ashatai’s voice has taken it to the realms of sheer paradise, and Nutan with her surfeit of talent and expression has complimented and complemented it justifiably .

kisi ke manaaney  mein lazzat wo paayi
lazzat wo paayi
kisi ke manaaney mein lazzat wo paayi
ke phir rooth jaaney ko jee chaahtaa hai
ke phir rooth jaaney ko jee chaahtaa hai


The way she acts when she says ‘ke phir rooth jaaney ko jee chahataa hai ‘, it’s utterly impish and cute .Dancing was not her forte but she more than makes up for it by her acute intelligence , charm,and acting prowess. Raj Kapoor in his disguised ‘avataar’ as her music teacher lapping up all the buttering-up done by Pran ( and of course Nutan’s performance ,which he knows is for him ) adds to the allure of this captivating number .
One can never get enough of this song, it’s one of the most luminous songs , everything about it dazzles .It is Infectiously energetic and mood elevating. It’s pure unadulterated waxing lyrical & waxing musical.
Total  Eye & Ear Candy !⁠⁠⁠⁠

Song-Nigaahen milaane ko jee chahta hai
Film  — Dil hi to hai – 1963.
Singer-Asha Bhonsle.
Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi.
Music Director – Roshan


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